July 18, 2008

Calamari for all ...

Giant squids, usually found at depths of 500 to 1500 metres, have a number of curious anatomical features, including three hearts, blue blood and a doughnut-shaped brain.

Their closest relatives are snails, clams and mussels, and they shoot out black ink that acts like a "James Bond smokescreen" to escape predators.

Male giant squids have a penis of one-and-a-half metres, which they use like a nail gun, with the sperm placed under the skin of the females in their tentacles and head, Dr Norman said.

The female squids can have the sperm under their skin for months and it is used to fertilise the eggs in their skin.

One of the subbies on the night shift at The Age spends too much time reading pulp fiction.

Beast from the deep spills its guts about life below

While another subbie on The Age remains factual, concise and dignified.

Giant squid a huge attraction

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