June 6, 2008

Told ya so

Henson will not be charged.

I already predicted that, at 9.06 am, May 28.

Gawd I'm good.

Who needs a crystal ball when you have me?


  1. Precisely Caz! Tee Hee..

  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Who would want a crystal ball when they could have you?

    Now Caz about the next winning lotto numbers, the winners of the next 8 at Randwick and will Angie marry Brat, er Bart er you know?

    Also is it going to rain tomorrow?

  3. I predict:

    a) Six numbers, falling between one and forty will win a first prize for a ticket holder.

    b) I predict that 246 other people will win $9.70.

    c) The other 2 million ticket holders will win nothing.

    d) The next 7 races at Randwick will be won by horses. The eighth race will be won by the Pope, cheered on by lots of Catholic kiddies.

    e) Ange would rather roll over and give birth to twins before getting married to that pretty boy!

    f) Some drizzle, at best, if you call a few random drops, in some random small locations in Melbourne, "drizzle". For Tassie, here and there, a little shower or two, but mostly dry and chilly across the apple isle.

  4. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Caz; that's amazing!

    My money is on the Pope.

    BTW what odds will I get?

  5. The Pope isn't odd Kathy, he's a Catholic.

  6. Have absolutely no idea what this post is about. Don't hate me because I'm American ;-)

  7. We love youse Americans!

    Local brouhaha Cubicle, about art / photography / a naked 13 year old.

    Pics were confiscated by the police from an exhibition.

    Much debate in Oz re: art versus pornography.

    The DPP won't be pressing charges against the photog.