June 15, 2008

Plants behaving thoughtfully

Rocket flower knows it's rellies

Brainless but well coded.

Some plants recognize their relatives and change their growing behavior accordingly, while other plants cleverly sniff out the most worthy target to maximize their own growth and well-being.

While some people might like to use this information to suggest that plants are sentient, or at least deeply emotional, the flip-side, if you consider it for a wee bit, is that behaviors are so embedded in all DNA that human free will looks determinedly shaky the more we discover. That sad little notion takes the glee out of finding that plant behaviors are smarter than previously thought.

Loyal to its roots


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    "...plant behaviors are smarter than previously thought"

    I knew that - ever since I was a vegetable at least.

  2. You wouldn't have known that for long if you'd been made into roast potato or a bowl of coleslaw.