June 11, 2008

Half grapefruits in demand

George Clooney allegedly dumped former waitress Sarah Larson because she recently acquired her very own breast implants. No news on what size Larson chose. Based on photographic evidence to date, she was previously a triple minus A cup.

Meanwhile, Australian surgeons claim that lovely 20-somethings are purposefully, deliberately, of their own volition, requesting the bolted-on half-grapefruit look strongly favored by many American actresses and *personalities*.

Let me repeat myself: Australian women want their breasts to look like half circles bolted to their ribcage.

(Like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and
this, and this, and this ... and so on, ad infinitum.)


  1. Sad ain't it Caz!~ Why can't women be satisfied with what they have, and concentrate on finding a fella who will love them for who they are not what they have!(artificial or not)

  2. Dare I say it?

    Oh, dang, of course I will.

    No way around it.

    The industry keeps getting bigger Kath!

  3. Personally, I'm waiting another two years, by which time St Vincents Hospital, here in little Melbourne, reckon they will be ready to bring to market a technique for grow-your-own.

    I believe the idea is that they implant special mesh and normal body fat grows around the mesh. Bigger breasts! (Please, no one quote me on the technicalities.)

    They're not kidding either.

    Forty eight months ... I'm counting down ...

  4. LOL Some awful boob jobs there.
    Some awful plumping and botoxing, too.
    How can these people think they look good?
    I found your post on Hunter Tylo by accident and agree wholeheartedly. She now looks like the twin sister of the person who plays the character Donna (ick, spooky looking mannequin).
    Hunter Tylo was just the most beautiful brunette I have ever seen. I thought she was more gorgeous than Katherine Kelly-Lang(Brooke). Now. Yuck.
    Her nose is too small for her face and turned up and cute. Yuck.
    Her lips look like someone's forgot to turn off the compressor.
    The boobs....

    See ya round the ridges!

  5. I always wondered about Brooke's character: every man, of any age, drops at her feet in a swoon, according the script writer's demands, but I never thought she was sufficiently swoon-worthy. Perhaps that response has more to do with the script and her acting, rather than her looks, which are okay, but not unbelievably amazing.

    Her character has been on telly for, how long?, 20 years, yet "Brooke" is still devoid of anything resembling a personality.

    Unlike Tylo, Kelly-Lang is looking older, she even has a wrinkly neck. Her days as the resident man-eater must surely be numbered.

    As much as Tylo is a cartoon version of her former lovely self, the one that almost reduces me to tears whenever I see a photo is Priscilla Presley.

    There isn't a woman in the world who wouldn't have been perfectly happy to look like the beautiful Priscilla, and she was beautiful.

    Her face isn't comical, it's ruined. The doctor should be shot, but that wouldn't give her back what she has lost.

    Women need to think it through very carefully before having procedures that they believe aren't invasive. Young women, with no wrinkles, need to be even more careful about having things done that are actually intended to treat signs of aging.

    Every cosmetic surgeons office should have a before and after photo of poor Priscella on the wall. I don't think it would stop many women though.