June 21, 2008

Defiant Rudd gov't rips pittance from needy

"The Coalition used its Senate majority – due to expire at the end of next week – to disallow abolition of Medicare Dental, established by the Howard Government.

The scheme offered up to $4250 over two years for people with chronic dental health problems.

It was forecast to cost $13 million over the next five years, and has already assisted more than 311,000 people.

The Government has argued the scheme isn't working and funding is needed instead for its new teen dental program.

Dental industry groups and leading dental health experts supported Coalition attempts to try to retain the scheme.

Government Senate manager Joe Ludwig said the present scheme was a failure."

Try telling that to the few hundred thousand people who will now suffer in silence and have their health deteriorate due to serious dental problems, all because Rudd refuses to commit a paltry $13 M over five years. It's loose change from the budget, yet a world of change to those assisted.

Coalition defiant over dental scheme


  1. Why do we have to have politicians anyway, Caz? They are all tarred with the same brush.
    What about people who REALLY care, helping people who are REALLY in need?

  2. As much as prevention is good, and warrants funding, I don't understand why you would take away the ONLY means for people on low incomes to obtain help, those who already have seriously health & life affecting chronic dental problems, so as to give to teenage dental care.

    Why can't they do both? Prevention and helping those who didn't ever have the preventative care?

    There's no compassion, or even thought, in these decisions, and the Rudd gov't has made a number of similarly penny pinching, heartless turns in the short time they've been governing.