May 18, 2008

Parliament brings back the lurve

Don't recall Howard, or other Lib members, going the smooch and the neck hug with Costello to congratulate him on his annual budget. Never. Not in 11 years.


  1. Good pic of Gillard, eh Caz?
    (Apart from the stock standard boring grey suit that she is so fond of. )

  2. Sort of fond?

    I'm beginning to think that she has had it tattooed on, in fact I would be convinced if not for the regular rotation of manly-cut shirts.

    Another pic of Gillard, another hair color, another cut.

    Wish she'd find something that sort of works for her and let it be Kath.

    The ever changing hair gives the impression of some serious flibbertigibbet undercurrents. If Bronwyn Bishop could find a single look and stick (and stick, stick, stick) with it, surely Gillard can.