May 5, 2008

He's not the messiah after all

We'll talk about stupid black men in a subsequent post [yes, yes we will], for now let's just mull over the Obama trajectory from glow-in-the-dark messianic POTUS destiny to mediocre skinny guy with big ears and a shady character.

From various (black) quarters of the American intelligentsias a lack of swooning can be discerned:

"Mr Obama's extraordinary dash to the forefront of American politics is less a measure of the man than of the hunger in white America for racial innocence. His actual policy positions are little more than Democratic Party boilerplate

He is unable to say what he means by 'change' or 'hope' or 'the future'. And he has failed to say how he would actually be a 'unifier'.

Barack Obama stacks up as something of a mediocrity.

Race helps Mr Obama in another way - it lifts his political campaign to the level of allegory, making it the stuff of a far higher drama than budget deficits and education reform.

The fact is that Barack Obama has fellow-travelled with a hate-filled, anti-American black nationalism all his adult life. But now the floodlight of a presidential campaign has trained on this usually hidden corner of contemporary black life: a mindless indulgence in a rhetorical anti-Americanism as a way of bonding and of asserting one's blackness.

[It] is becoming painfully apparent with each new revelation of how drastically his carefully crafted image this election year contrasts with what he has actually been saying and doing for many years.

There is not a speck of evidence that Obama has ever transcended party differences in the United States Senate. Voting records analysed by the National Journal show him to be the farthest left of anyone in the Senate.

His behaviour has been remarkably consistent over the years. He has sought out and joined with the radical, anti-Western left, whether Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers of the terrorist Weatherman underground, or the anti-Israeli Rashid Khalidi.

He chose to join this church to solidify his credentials as authentically black

Barack Obama chose to be associated with ... Wright because he saw advantage in it. This speaks to his character, and to his judgment, the [entire] basis on which he has been running his campaign."

Stupidity foils the black prince ...

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