May 3, 2008

Dye hard

Who amongst us doesn't rely on trash mags and celebrity gossip to lead us down the path of righteousness and into the inner and outer nature of brains, beauty and brawn?

Well, my faith in the infallibility of garbage and gutter celebrity reportage has been dealt a painful shot in the arse.

People mag have released their list of top 100 most spectacularly beautiful and divine people in the entire Milky Way, with skinny and dippy Kate Hudson making it all the way to No#1.

At No#4 is Rumor Willis, spawntourage of Demi and Bruce, and step-daughter of Ashton.

It doesn't matter which way you peel it, slice it, or dice it, the facial surgery hasn't changed the fundamental physics of Rumor's inherent construction: she is still Miss Potato Head.

Don't bother to write in and tell me that beauty comes from the inside ('cause, like, it does, sure, yeah, okay), and that Rumor is probably an unbelievably intelligent, caring, witty, charismatic walking, talking work of art - on the inside.

She might even be capable of making a genuine contribution to society, with the right professional support and a government subsidy.

I don't friggin' care.

It's time we stood up for the truth!

We can handle the truth people!

Let's start calling a potato a spud for gawd's sake.

Rumor Willis is a SPUD.

A goddamn ugly spud.


  1. "Rumour Willis is a SPUD.

    A goddamn ugly spud."

    Too funny, Caz!
    Too true, too.

    Btw Caz, thanks to YOU!! Yeah YOU, I've a stitch in my side from laughing so bloody much.

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    That Willis kid seems a lot like Missy Higgins to me... Pic

  3. Coloring, sure, but put them side to side and they would not be twins separated at birth Dylan.

  4. Missy Higgins is better looking too!