April 11, 2008

Super Kev

Proving the theory that people who share a name or even an initial are promptly overcome with implicit egoism, KD Lang has gone all loopy over our Kev.

Responding to Kev's statements about Tibet while he is traipsing around China, KD effused:

"Your most amazing prime minister has been very fearless in his answers and very, very graceful," Lang said.

"I'm very very proud of Kevin Rudd for being so focused and clear on his answers and his approach.

"I'm very moved by him."

Which is nice for KR and KD.

Meanwhile, Beijing delivered an angry rebuke to KR over his comments on Tibet insisting that:

"Tibet is purely an internal affair and none of the foreign countries or other groups has any right to interfere."

Scaredy-cat opposition leader Brendan Nelson, sitting out of harm's way in Oz, said he supported Mr Rudd's criticism on human rights but added:

"I don't know whether it's wise to have broadcast as publicly as he seems to be doing."

Sure Brendan, these things should be kept in a secret box in the wardrobe.

BTW – was there anyone else whose shriveled black heart pounded with suspicion when the Chinese government announced that 45 would-be terrorists had been arrested, caught red handed with every thing from guns to poison-laced food – allegedly for use on and force-feeding of foreign journalists and athletes, come the Olympics.

Not sure how many alleged Muslims with alleged Al Qaeda links are allegedly lurking in China, but I would have figured about three and a half. Five point seven, absolute tops.

Remarkable timing too. You can't buy that sort of beaut PR in the midst of rolling protests against your country, can ya, hey, can ya??!!

Back to Oz for a finishing flourish: swimmer Libby Trickett (nee Lenton) said kidnap plots were "every swimmer's worst nightmare".

Ummm, really Libby?


From the MSM neewes … here and here.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Islamist terrorism is actually a problem in China, though mainly in the areas that a majority Muslim rather than the Beijings, Shanghais and Hong Kongs of the place. A lot of it is based around nationalism and what (it is claimed) is an effort towards 'self determination' by the locals under Beijing rule. Nonetheless, Islamist terrorism exists, is a problem and there are more than a few suicide bombings to support the claims of the Chinese government.

    There's a paper here (by subscription - but abstract is there) and some background on the general issue here on Wikipedia including reports of various bus bombings and the like. Also see here for background on the two dozen or so Chinese-slash-East Turkestani terrorists that have been through Guantanamo Bay since the War on Terror. Sadly there's more than a few of these guys running about in China...

  2. You trust the Chinese gov't on this one Dylan?

    Have to admit (obviously) that I've never read coverage of any suicide bombings in China, so my ignorance is deep, thanks for links,

    Why do they get no coverage here? Perhaps not front page, but one would expect the odd snippet? Have never read anything in the US papers either, which I read daily.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Not saying I trust 'em - seems a bit convenient to me, too - just that it's a real problem for them. The timing of the publication of the arrests - as opposed to when they actually took place which was in in late March - suggests some sort of propaganda play on the part of the Chinese govt.

    As for Islamists terrorism, you get the odd snippet online from time to time but the Islamic parts of China are far from the places that journos hang out. There's a little bit of news coverage...well, blog converage...of a 2005 bus bombing here and here. The second link notes the pics are from a non-official source as (I imagine) it's probably something the ChiComs want to keep quiet.

    And - while it is from a few years ago - the independence/terrorist group I mentioned did get a run in Time magazine which noted - with some heavy qualifiers from other sources - that "The U.S. State Department linked the group to more than 200 terrorist acts in China's predominantly Muslim province of Xinjiang."

    The timing might be suspect but the problem is, I would suggest, real.