April 9, 2008

Spoiler alert

A pack of nasty torch haters are spoiling the spirit of the Olympics. So says Aussie Olympic Games committee board member Kevan Gosper.

Kev.G has accused has “accused pro-Tibet protesters of being "professional spoilers … filled with resentment and hate".

Kev.G said protesters had not taken into account the hard work put into organising the event.

Boo hoo.

"They just take their hate out on whatever the issues are at the time, and that hate against the host country is being taken out on our torch."

Boo hoo.

Ron Clarke said - "The Olympic movement is something that should be held as sacrosanct."

Rob De Castella said - the Olympics were "easily exploited and manipulated by organisations or individuals with different agendas".

Jonathon Welch said - "The flame should be seen as a symbol of hope and unity not to be used for any other political purposes."

Because, you know, the Chinese government wouldn't use the Olympic Games for political purposes, nor manipulate the occasion for a different agenda, nor abuse the sacrosanctness of the event purely because they can.

No siree.

Neither did Hitler.

From the MSM neewes ...


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Maybe we should can the Olympics and just have the relay of the torch.

    He/she who can run farthest without being molested wins.

  2. No, no, not fair at all Justin.

    S/he who can grab the torch and put it out in the fastest most inventive manner wins!

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Far better Caz.

    Now, how does one put a wee fire out?


  4. The politically-correct idiots that awarded the Olympics to China should be torched!

  5. To think that the Chinese "promised" to address human rights in exchange for the Olympics, and to think that the committee believed them.

    Beggars belief, doesn't it Cube.

    I knew that when it was announced. Disgusted then, still disgusted.

    No small symbolism that the "torch relay" was inaugurated by Hitler for the 1939 games in German.

    Given that fact, the Olympic torch on it's race around the world is, I believe, a valid point of attack for protesters.

  6. Anonymous9:20 PM

    If you plan on going to Beijing for the Olympics just remember when you go to the dunny not to drop the dunny paper in the bowl.

    You fold it up and leave it in the bin beside the bowl. Well that's what the punters do in punter land.

    The Beijing sewers simply can't handle the load.

    Too many shits in China.

    But the Chinese punters are among the most gentle and friendly you can meet.

    Sad about their government.

  7. Funny thing Justin: the Chinese gov't is doing everything it can to impress with the modern buildings and sports facilities, and to making sure that the Western standards and cultures are catered to (let's not forget the "smile" training that the worker-bees have been given), YET they built hole-in-the-ground toilets!

    Guess who is trying to retrofit hundreds of Western toilets, as we speak?