April 1, 2008

She jests, yes?

Madonna has allegedly found her holy grail to an Oscar: she's going to remake Casablanca.

Having conducted auditions all over her backyard, Madonna, has identified herself as being the best actress in the world to play the part originally played by Ingrid Bergman.

Did I mention that Mad's wants to set Casablanca in Iraq?

So far there is no script.

Let's hold concerts in every major city in the world to pray that there never is.

If prayer doesn't work we'll just take up a collection and pay her not to do it.


  1. Say it isn't so Caz?
    Ingrid Bergman? Now there was an actress with grace and class.
    Something Madge can only dream of.

    Apart from the fact that she is too old, as well. She is showing her age lately, eh?
    The film will most certainly be a flop if it goes ahead. Just like that foolish film of hers,"Swept Away"

  2. Here's not looking at you Madge.

  3. Are Justin, you have such a way with words my love!

  4. I'm so tired of that idiot inflicting herself on our collective psyche. I wish she'd just go away.

  5. I wish she'd go away too Cube.

    Is it really so callous of me to say that I don't care about her abs, her marriage, her adoptions?

    Truly I don't.

    The MSM obviously want me to care. I don't. Never did. Never will.

    Decades of Madonna - every damned part of her, literally - and still no respite.

    Today's news reported that she and her hubby both sleep with their Blackberry under their pillows, which Mad's insists is something that many couples probably do.


    See, I REALLY don't want this CRAP cluttering up my mind!

  6. Don't forget the dildos! We don't want to hear about them either.