April 5, 2008

Kev finds something resembling a hemroid

PM Kev took time out from his busy schedule to experiment with show a sense of humor.

For mysterious reasons, best known to himself and his invisible friends, Kev thought it would be a nice joke to salute George W Bush - in front of the world's press.

"Mr Rudd made the gesture and smiled when he spotted Mr Bush across a room at a Bucharest summit on military action in Afghanistan.

Asked about the greeting later by journalists, he said it was meant to be "a joke" and laughed out loud.

"I was just saying hi to the president of the United States - I was just with him the other day,'' Mr Rudd said.

Following the salute yesterday, Mr Rudd denied he was angling to take over Mr Howard's deputy sheriff nickname, saying it was in jest."


  1. I find Rudd ingratiating and enamored of celebrity, Caz.

    Considering how Dubbya has rankled
    many people, with some on the left even saying that Bush, Blair and Howard should be tried for war crimes, I feel it was in poor taste for Rudd to salute Bush.(an ingratiating gesture)

    The symbolism here seems to have eluded Rudd.

    Certainly it trivializes his position,(as our leader) in my opinion.

    Then, later, when questioned about the salute, Rudd giggles like some silly school girl!

    Here is another beauty from Rudd Caz.

    Upon being invited by the Chinese President to the Olympics, Rudd told reporters:
    "What we've said to the Chinese consisently since then is that we're not in a position to confirm whether we would go, it would depend entirely upon timing constraints as we get closer to the event and that remains our position."
    Asked if matters of principle would play any part in his position, Mr Rudd said:

    "Not at this stage. As I've said that's a matter of practicality and timing."

    It seems Our HIGHLY principled PM has also adopted the royal "we"

    Just had a thought!

    Perhaps it wasn't a salute after all Caz, maybe he was practicing the royal wave.

  2. Another thing Caz.

    Had it been Howard who had saluted Bush, imagine the uproar and disapprobation that would have ensued.

    There is a time and place for everything.

    Rudd's weak attempt at supposed humour shows lack of judgement and perception.

    It was neither the time nor the place...

  3. Well, at least he was forthright about matters of principal being of no matter to him.

    Personal principals, political principals - bah, all humbug, who needs 'em, not out PM!

    You're right Kath, the brouhaha if Howard or any Lib had been caught doing the salute would have been on every front page and would have been dragged out for years to come. I'm betting we'll hear nothing more of this, dusted away.

  4. I fear that we have replaced one lap dog with another Caz!
    This salute of Rudd's has really irritated me.
    Ya can't half tell, eh?
    Sure, Rudd must be polite to, and diplomatic with, all world leaders. But a fawning salute was sooo not necessary.

  5. I think you hit the nail Kath. Kev is all ga-ga and star struck.

    Bang goes his image as the diligent and boring bureaucrat.

    Wave a celebrity in front of him and he falls to his knees.

    Wave a principal in front of him and he shrugs his shoulders.

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Methinks your've got it all arse about gerls.

    It's like this:

    KookykoolKevbaby was not giving the royal wave or whatever to Bush; he simply caught his reflection in a distant window - and fell in love with his hero - twas not a wave, rather spontaneous acknowledge to the most beautiful boy in Greece - or whatever.