April 6, 2008

Good vibrations

A recent survey by Women's Health magazine revealed that:

- 42% of Australian women own a vibrator

- only 20% of French women own such toys

A Durex global survey offered additional details:

- Australia has a higher use of vibrators than any other country in the world

- the highest use of vibrators is among white, Christian, married women who vote conservative.

I have no clue what any of this means.


  1. Neither do I, and I've never used a vibrator either!

  2. What's a vibrator?

  3. Only kidding....

    Could it mean that Aussie men aren't very good at it; compared with French men.

    But I would not be the best judge on that one, nor do I intend finding out.

    Now girls - what do you reckon?

  4. I was going to explain that the washing machine in your laundry, when in use, is a big vibrator Justin, but no need, since you were jesting.

    Guess this all has something to do with the real difference between the Western laundry and the "European" style laundry, 'ey?

    We require an entire room, while in Europe a neat, disguised built in cupboard does the trick.

    One does tend to deduce from this data, Justin, that French men are more skilled, or more energetic, or both, than the average Australian male.

    Either that, or Australian women are very demanding. However, it seems improbable that we Oz women are somehow setting our standards higher than French ladies.

  5. I hate washing machines; no pre-loved or post-loved washers to be sold by me. My fridge well that's another...but we have been there already.

    Mmmm there seems to be two sides to these numbers or four or maybe infinite.

    Are aussie men less skilled then the froggy men?

    Are froggy women less needy than aussie woman?

    Or dare I say are:

    Aussie women less desired by aussie men?


    Are froggy women more desired by froggy men?


    Are froggy women too tight to buy a vibrator whereas aussie are not?


    In reality only 20% of froggy women own a vibrator but in general they share it with four of their girlfriends.

    Or could it be that 80% of froggy women are getting the extra sex they need from the 40% of aussie guys who don't desire their wives.

    Or are the 20% of froggy guys who don't desire their wives having cybersex with the 40% of aussie guys who don't desire theirs.

    You know my washing machine is starting to look rather cute, hope the fridge don't get jealous.

  6. How does a French woman hold her liquor?

  7. "How does a French woman hold her liquor?"

    With a great deal more nonchalance than an Oz woman with a vibrator?

  8. By the ears m'dear by the ears.

  9. I tend to disregard what is published in "women's" magazines.

  10. Sure Cubicle, but I enjoy delving into cheap fiction from time to time, for the amusement, and to find out what the unthinking masses are believing. :-D