April 1, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't the ALP diss the previous government for verbally "supporting" Dubya Bush in his last campaign?

Now we have Rudd, not supporting a presidential nominee, rather, going one further and picking a favorite from the would-be nominees.

Yes, Kev, without asking anyone in the antipodes, has decided that he, in his capacity as the Australian Prime Minister, should throw his public support behind Hillary Clinton.

Given that no-one in the US knows who Kev is, I'm not suggesting that his grand declaration is going to influence any votes of the superdelegate or garden-variety punter type, all the same, it has an awful whiff about it.

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has offered US Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton help with her campaign as the pair met in Washington before she headed to Pennsylvania to fight for her political survival.

After his successful visit with US president George W Bush last week, Rudd is now looking forward to cementing relations with the next leader of the world's premier superpower.

But he has stressed a non-partisan approach to the US election."



  1. The more I see of Kevin from Heaven, the more I see to dislike!

    Have you noticed his robotic stiffness and repetitiveness, Caz?
    He doesn't do "off the cuff stuff" well at all!
    He is, in reality a boring old fart I reckon.

    No different to Howard in that respect.. Maybe even worse.

    His ingratiating manner is also starting to jar.

  2. Frankly Kath - may I be Frank? - I'm gobsmacked at his casual arrogance.

    He didn't bloody well ask ME if I thought Australia should back Hillary for the Dem's nomination and, ipso facto, for the next leader of the free world.

    I don't recall him consulting with any of us.

  3. Kevin did consult me Caz, but I suspect he got my number confused with Rusty's or Hu Jintao's.

    When Kev called I simply said "what kept you" and informed him I was really Yasuo Fukuda.

    Kev replied Fukuto then hung up.

    I have no idea what Kev's problem was but it sure beats seeing him munching on his ear wax.

  4. Hmmm, your PM sounds like a politican ;-)

  5. Ah yes, fair comment Cube. :-)

    (Err, all except the earwax eating thing.)

  6. I really did see a video of him doing that.

  7. So did half of Australia Cube, yet they voted for him anyway.

    Go figure.

    We Aussies are know for our *good* sense of humor. ;-)