April 24, 2008

All your humors are belong to us

It hasn't taken long.

The victory of the left is complete.

Humor has been vanquished from the great brown land.

Mourn, mourn, mourn, for we know not when we'll be permitted to sniggle, titter, snirtle, chortle, snigger or giggle again.

A senator and a few viewers have got all uppity about an ABC promo aired this week:
"By the time this ad is finished, 854 million people will go hungry, one billion people will live under the poverty line and three ABC stars will be without a Gold Logie," the voice-over says.

"But you can change the world one step at a time. Vote for gold. Click on abc.net.au/tv and follow the links to shower the ABC in gold. Only you can make a difference."

This is the first time that the ABC has been able to tout for Logie votes for its nominated talent. In the past they would have had to promote purchase of TV Week, but with SMS and phone voting newly introduced the ABC can run amok without being accused of running stealth commercial advertising.

I thought the promo was cute.

Here ...


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Whatever; but where's the fucking duck! ?????

  2. Who the hell ever heard of "Duck Thursday"?!


  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Your right Caz - last night felt like Friday but Friday it was not.

    Apologies for my stupidity - I should have been a politician.

    BTW it is Friday today is it not?

  4. Today it is Friday Justin.

    Happy Friday my dear.

    You've sort of had two Friday's back to back, which is nice.