March 26, 2008

A woman is pregnant

Astonishing: a woman is pregnant.

Displaying the oodles of sensitivity that they acquired at sensitivity and political correctness training, The Age journalists and sub-editors (and their O/S counterparts) have gone slightly batty, announcing, in all seriousness:
"A man is reportedly pregnant with a baby girl.

US man Thomas Beatie and his wife were expecting their first child in July.

Beatie, from the state of Oregon, was born a woman but had a sex change in which he had chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy, but no change to his reproductive organs"

Now, run that past me again - how one undergoes a sex change?

"He stopped taking testosterone injections to get pregnant.

Beatie admitted his situation "sparks legal, political and social unknowns"

Aarrhh, sorry Bertie, dream on.

You fell pregnant as a woman, you will give birth as a woman, and you will be a biological and legal mother to the baby - a mother who happens to dress and present to the world as a man: not the first woman or mother in the world to have ever done so.

Nothing to see here.

But good luck with your 15 minutes Bertie, all the best to you.

Pregnant man due in July ...


  1. What a non-story.

  2. Not that the Age would ever resort to tabloid headlines or leaders, or anything like that...!

  3. They're STILL going on about it!

    Heading in another paper today: "Mom or Dad?"

    Sheesh, it's just not that bloody difficult!

  4. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Yep not difficult at all.

    I got pregnant once; gave birth to a politician.

    Fortunatley, at the press of a button, the Royal Dalton took care of that one.

  5. Sooooo, the politicians are your fault Justin?

    (Flush harder, hey, none of that namby-pamby half-flush.)