March 30, 2008

Rudd loved-up

"The phone rang in Kevin Rudd's office one day last week. It was Russell Crowe. Well, not Rusty himself, but his people.

"Mr Crowe understands that Kevin will be in Washington over the weekend," said the Gladiator's personal attache. "And Mr Crowe would like Kevin to know that Russell will be available on Sunday if he wants to catch up."

Crowe's people confessed that the star actually had nothing he wanted to say to Kevin.

"Mr Crowe is aware that Kevin hasn't had a chance to meet him before," the attache said. "He thought Kevin might like the opportunity just to meet."

And Rudd's excruciating response? "Excited beyond words," one of Rudd's staff told me. "He blushed with happiness. Now we have to work out how to get the cameras into the meeting."
Read more, including how the Oz gov't is traditionally (and successfully) managed as a never-ending drinking binge ... G'day Kev, it's Russ ...


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Maybe Rusty could give Kev some tips on how to deal with US hotel staff.

  2. See Rudd has pissed off the Japanese, Caz.

    Tried to field an awkward question from a Japanese reporter re his lack of contact with his Japanese counterpart since he became PM.

    How unlucky eh? Our ingratiating PM has been on the phone to every other bastard, doing what he does best "Talking"

  3. Err, did he respond to the question in impeccable Mandarin Kath? ;-}

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I can hear it now. 30 Foot of Grunt singing:

    I'm fucking Kev Rudd
    Yes I'm fucking Kev Rudd
    In the chambers behind the door
    and on the Speakers table.

    Of course Kev would then have to reciprocate in Mandarin; he could of course include the whole parliament in cameros and include some placement advertising. Fedx may be interested.

    Wo cao Rusty Crow
    Shi wo cao Rusty Crow....

  5. If I had a choice between Rudd and Matt Damon..
    Up against the mini bar!(sighs)
    I'd be f**kin' Matt Damon... with a mandarin!
    Just lurrve mandarins!(hold the Rudd!)

    Disclaimer: Have had a skinful tonight and cannot be held responsible for actions!
    Nite nite!

  6. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Kathy, the Japan thing is something that has really stood out to me over the last couple of weeks. Rudd's China focus seems to me to blinding him to Japan and this is just dumb.

    Before he left for his trip abroad I read an article where he justified visiting China over Japan because China is Australia's largest trading partner. I went over to DFAT and (on the September 2007 figures) he's wrong. The largest trading partner is Japan.

    At his first press conference in the US Rudd referred to the US as "Australia’s oldest strategic ally, our closest strategic ally, our strongest strategic ally". I reckon he got - at the most - only one right out of three. Oldest strategic ally - Great Britain. Closest strategic ally - Japan. Strongest strategic ally - the US.

    An article I read a few minutes ago reckons the Japanese PM is not concerned but - for what it's worth - I am. At least Howard made efforts to maintain the important links with Japan (security pacts and greenhouse emissions partnerships among them) while also building a relationship with China. Rudd seems to be favouring one over the other to a significant extent.

  7. Justin - nice improv.

    At least you didn't pick Ben, Kath, even drunk that might have been unforgivable.

    (Giggly ... or whatever it was called ... was a crime against humanity, and I say that without actually having seen it. Mind you, if a man can pick himself up, dust himself down and still show himself in public after that lot, he must be deserving of redemption.)

    Seems our "controlling" PM has lost control already Dylan. Sometimes it's better to loosen the grip so that enough oxygen can get to people's brains - including his own - and kick into gear every now and then. Perhaps he'll learn, but maybe not.

    The problem with being so controlling is the delusion of always being right.