March 10, 2008


Even funnier than eco-friendly cars comes the mile high building, which will be - ta da, you guessed it - eco-friendly!

Standing 500 stories high, the building will house around 100,000 people, as well as schools, hospitals, and shops.

Apart from being ludicrously tall, and removing 100,000 or so people from anything remotely related to the natural environment, or even tangentially eco-friendly, the building will boast giant open spaces or “holes” that will feature green public spaces, complete with gardens and trees. Yep, throw in a token tree and you can call just about anything eco-friendly.

This particular piece of human vanity will be bunged-up somewhere in East London.

BTW - I need investors to help commercialize my eco-friendly whoopee cushion idea.


  1. Holes with gardens and trees - and only a slight risk of falling out!

    By the way, that reminds me of a building in Newcastle, the Queens Wharf Tower Building. It looks like a - well, shall we say, part of the male anatomy.

  2. A moderately decent facsimile Timmy.

    Of course, phallic buildings and structures tend to surround us in our everyday lives, so there's little hope of ever forgetting what the penis looks like.

    You must have seen the table in Parliament House, in one of the main meeting rooms (often feature on telly), which caused no end of snickers when the new parliament house opened for its striking resemblance to the female anatomy?

  3. In that second photo, all the low buildings are evidently being sucked toward the tall ecobuilding by some weird force.

    I must admit, my interest in space colonisation means I have a certain fondness for arcology ideas (big enclosed buildings that are self sustaining.) But making such a building a big skyscraper does seem very silly.

    Besides, I just always feel somewhat nervous standing on a balcony that is any more than about 3 stories high.

  4. Yes, I think acrophobia would prevent me from even contemplating enjoyment of saplings and lawn from a hole in a wall hundreds of floors above the ground.

  5. It looks like a thingy, erect and pointing to the sky, that's all. How could anyboby in their right minds think that building, obelisk or whatever looks like a dick.

    Unless of cousre one is pre-disposed with dicks.

    Personally I think it looks like a very long clitoris.

  6. I deduce that you think Ullaru looks like a lonely breast Justin.

  7. You mean there is only one breast, shit I always saw two beasts.

    And they were wondeful.

  8. One breast, two breasts, three breasts - hey, it's like toes: who's counting?

  9. Who's counting? St John is: and I quote -

    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the breast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    666 breasts, no more, no less! It's biblical.

  10. OMG Timmy!!!

    That's the exact number of toes that our Tasmanian friend Justin ("jo") has - on EACH foot!

    Err, six that is, not six hundred and sixty six (sheesh, buying shoes would be out of the question).

    I'd never put two and two ... arrhh ... six and six together before, and Justin is too modest to mention.

    St John wasn't thinking about the cost of pretty bras when he determined that 666 breasts was the magic number. A bit wanton was John.

  11. Gawd that's ugly.

  12. 666 breasts, that'll do me.

    An even number would be better but hey who is moi to argue with the good book.

    Now where to begin?

    ...wish i was about forty years younger :-(