March 24, 2008

Outrage mitgation

"High-profile critics of Melbourne's public transport system were targeted in an "outrage mitigation strategy" devised by consultants for the State Government.

The $22,000 report, commissioned by the Department of Infrastructure and written by consultants Futureye, identified key critics of the Government's public transport strategies in 2006.

"The current context of intense stakeholder criticism demands immediate attention to concerns and outrage mitigation activity," Futureye's report found.

It mapped out a two-year strategy to reduce "intense stakeholder criticism" and convince critics to stop publicly criticising the Government.

It aimed to stop critics going to the media with complaints, by persuading them to go first to the department's public transport division."

An initial list of 75 critics was whittled to 50, presumably being those considered sufficiently malleable to silence.

Guess it's cheaper to spend $22K on a report and the annual salary of a "stakeholder relationship" manager than to fix our public transport system.

State tried to quell transport critics ...

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