March 23, 2008

Moving the view

I admire the chutzpah of Port Stephens Council, dropping off a couple of shipping crates to block the ocean in a neighbourhood occupied by people (some, or many) of whom believe they’re entitled to cut down trees, all the better to see the view.

One local resident Carol Kearins was indignant and idiotic:

"They have no proof that a resident cut those trees. It could have been drunken idiots from somewhere else."

Yeah, sure honey, drunken-yobs keep turning up out of nowhere, conveniently carrying axes, randomly cutting down mature trees, which, by happenstance opens up an uncluttered view of the ocean for many of the residents.

The Council plan to leave the shipping containers in place for the next three years, long enough, I gather, for trees to regrow.

Council couldn't contain itself ...

(Neither could the sub-editor, going by that heading.)


  1. What an absolutely spectacular reprisal. Couldn't have thought up a better one myself!

    Where is everyone??!! Anyone might think it a holiday weekend!

    I'm spending it writing - from scratch - a Service Level Agreement for a client who feels no need to write their own expectations down in any way shape or form.

    What Easter fun....

  2. Yep, long weekends are freakish - I just don't believe that EVERYONE "goes away" (there isn't that much holiday accommodation in the country).

    Toorak Road today: you could almost play cricket.

    An SLA?

    Oh please, don't start me, besides I can't tell you anyway.

    The things that I've seen done - and not done - with SLAs recently are almost enough to reduce me to tears. Both parties equally culpable, I would add.

  3. Indeed. Sitting in this fellow's office and watching the performance art of stating that we compy with clearly delineated service levels at his site and then being instructed to write those levels for him.....marvelous that as Ritchie would intone.

    I'm sure I was caught smiling in fascination or admiration.

    Really, this should be a two way street else there is no agreement. Still, I suppose I need only to write up what I intend to stick to!

  4. Ah, Port Stephens! That's where my parents live - (the council area, I mean, not the town itself). They are crazy about their trees over there; they will even prosecute people for chopping trees down in their own backyard. Mind you, when I was down there this Easter and walking through the park with Mum, we observed several examples of trees with limbs lopped off, so maybe it's a case of the council being able to get away with what it won't let its citizens get away with.

  5. Ah, but the council may have been taking preemptive action to save your life Tim. Hence why you and your mother survived Easter without being killed by an ailing tree branch falling upon your persons.