February 17, 2008

The world did not end

Despite predictions that the world would come to an end, amongst other dire warnings, the fight for women's suffrage was won in Victoria 100 years ago.

Remember the lovely Darlene? Well, she's still over at that group-bloggy place, and she has a post about the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage - here ...

Darlene quotes from some Queensland history on the matter:
"If they get the franchise, they will be saying to their husbands, “Look here, I am going to a meeting. You can stop home and mind the children”…That is how the women’s franchise will work. By and by there will be no children at all."
Yep, having to go and vote once every three years sure cuts down on the availability of one's time to do superfluous stuff like meeting members of the opposite gender, engaging in afternoon teas, or waddling around pregnant.


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Has the world ended? Shit I was just starting to have fun.

  2. Now it's just you Justin.

    Begin repopulating: ready, set, go!!!

  3. Anonymous7:13 PM

    but I've had a vasectomy :-(

  4. Hmm, well, you know what you'll have to do then.

    Men sometimes have trouble undoing knots (big fingers 'n all), so use a small blunt implement to assist, if need be, such as a toothpick.

    Some Melbourne radio announcer-type person is having a vasectomy "on air" tomorrow morning. Why they think this is good radio fodder is beyond my ken. But the same people thought riding a pony around the studios made for good radio listening a couple of weeks ago too.

    I need a new radio station, don't I?

    Let me know if the little swimmers are still kicking-about once you've reversed things, won't you.

    Oh, and, umm, good luck with it. Try not to pass out (you can't afford to let any get away, the future of planet Earth is on your, err, little swimmers).

  5. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Can't reverse mine, watched the whole thing, it was all rather fun really but you would have to have the Obodie sense of fun.

    Nope, they cut, cauterized and tied my strings of spagetti. No more wee swimmers will have the opportunity to swim like hell into an egg somewhere deep and dark and damp.

    Poor little fellas, hope they don't decide on litigation, but you just don't know these days.

    By the way Caz, have you eaten tonight?

  6. Anonymous9:09 PM

    BTW you are correct about some men and knots; if ever my balls get tied up in knots then I'm in big trouble.

  7. Don't worry about getting your balls in a knot Justin. If that ever happens Kath and I will come a runnin', grab a hold of one each and do a bit of ring-a-ring-a-rosy.

    That should fix it.

  8. Yep!
    Only too happy to be of service..

  9. Oh the twists & turns comments can sometimes take from the original post ;-)

  10. what a misguided movement to threaten men with 'No Children' bwah ha haaaaaa
    Having said that ...
    I know somebody who had their vasectomy reversed when they remarried after divorce, and they have had a child with the second wife. aww - tru luv.

    and CAZ, you may like a blog called angry penguin -she is from Adelaide but writes for a paper in the USA

  11. Cubicle - err, now that you mention it, in the Antipodes we specialize in twisting & turning. Good of you to notice, we have been of service. Excellent!

    Dysthymiac - thanks for dropping by. I'll add you and Angry Penguin to my post-it note of things-to-do, definitely lively posts, much appreciate the tip, and for the link to your own place.

  12. Oh, and your friend's successful reversal is, from what I gather, a little *unusual*. The knot can be untied easily enough, but the little swimmers, having long been discouraged, give up and never get going again. The reversal, in other words, is often less successful for men than the equivalent (albeit more invasive) procedure in women.

    Don't think anyone has figured out why this might be, yet.

  13. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I know of a few men who have had vasectomies.
    I know of only one who had the proceedure reversed.(successfully, as it turned out)He was married to my second cousin. They had four children together.He had a vasectomy after the last child.

    They subsequently divorced, he re-married a younger woman and had two children with her, after the reversal.
    He is a fairly well known tv newsreader, who's older brother(who also used to have his own half hour programme some years ago) is probably more well known than him.
    Wanna have a guess at who he is Caz, just for a bit of fun?


  14. Funny Kath, I have known a lot of men to run out and get the snip because they genuinely don't want more children ... of their own initiative and own volition, not necessarily as a consequence of deep and meaningful consultation with a partner and weighing up alternatives.

    In fact, it often surprises me how many men have had vasectomies. Or is the sample data skewed because I only ever meet men who have (a) had a vasectomy, or (b) happily share that information with me?

    Members of my family have had it done.

    The only brother-combo coming to mind is Willesee Kath ... ??? (Sorry, can't remember how it's spelt.) But they're "old" - from a way back.

  15. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Ah, no flies on you, Caz.
    It was Terry Willesee.He'd probably be in his early sixties now, I reckon.
    His eldest son,Grant Willessee who is in his forties is a stay at home dad while his wife Monica Kos hosts Today Tonight on channel 7 here in Perth.(bit of trivia)

    Terry and my second cousin married too young, I guess.
    It was a shotgun wedding.(according to my Mum)