February 25, 2008

They will inheret the earth

Total cost at chemist: $34.05.

Hand sales assistant $50 note.

Dig in purse for five cent coin.

Sales assistant has already punched-through the $50, with the resulting change automatically calculated.

She graciously accepts my addition of the coin.

Stares befuddled at the cash register.

Dives under the counter for a calculator.

Spends a good two minutes punching numbers into calculator.

Finally provides me with correct change - $16.

Spends another minute writing very seriously on my receipt and her copy.

Hand written amendments on receipt:

- $50 crossed out and replaced with $50.05
- $15.95 crossed out and replaced with $16

No. She was not young. Around thirty-ish.

One of these days, her generation will be running planet Earth, not to mention explorations beyond Earth.

Days like this I wish I had my very own deity.

I would have said a little prayer.

Or two.


  1. Poor kids can't count, and most of them have all their digits, at least moi has an excuse.

    I used to be able to count to three but then I realised I only needed to count from zero to one, just like the laptop.

    If you can't beat em join em.

  2. Anne-Marie12:10 AM

    Yes, amazingly annoying!! They cannot work anything out without a calculator or cash register telling them what the change should be.

    When I gave the sales assistant, the 5c (as you did) so I wouldn't get all the shrapnel, I was given the coin back and told the till would not balance because she had already put the amount in. It did no good trying to explain anything so I ended up with a heavier wallet.

    Even our kids can work out the proper change when we play shops. I get them to work out the change by giving them different amounts.

    You just have to get all the change ready before you give it to them or you end up with a wallet full of coins.

  3. Sadly, I've noticed that lack of math knowledge over on this side of the pond as well.

    In my first job, many years ago, the cash register didn't calculate the tax or any change. We had to do it in our heads and it had better be quick too.

    My own kids are always astonished that I calculate change in a split second in my head. Practice is what it took.

    Have you noticed that kids today can't tell time unless it's a digital clock? That bugs me too.

  4. Anne-Marie9:40 PM

    Yes, its a digital world. I buy analogue watches for the children for that reason. They learn to tell the time at school so that helps. Luckily, they do pretty well with a watch.

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Meanwhile ... In other things stupid, Katie Holmes Gushes over Tom Cruise..claiming her life is a dream come true!!

    She said 'Being in heaven was falling in love with Tom"

    She further gushed.

    "He's just amazing. He's kind, generous smart, he's Tom Cruise(der...)he's the most artistic man I've ever met. He makes me laugh like I've never laughed.
    He's the most wonderful human being I know.."

    Quick!!! Hand me a barf bag Caz!


  6. I always wore a watch to tell my left from my right. Now my mobile has the time so I no longer wear my watch.

    Now I get lost a lot.

    At least I have my phone to call for help.

  7. Hey Kath was it good for you?

  8. Anonymous10:27 PM

    It's always good for me my love!(winks)

  9. Poor Katie: her stunt double is doing a beaut job as dotting wife, but I do wonder where they hid the real body Kathy.

    Have to confess that I no longer remember phone numbers. Everything is in a device of one kind or another, or on speed dial, so I don't even make the effort to remember. Appalling.

    *Hangs head in shame*

    Although I do still own a real hardcopy address book, for backup and retrieval. Good ol' pen and paper can't be beat. I'm not totally silly.

  10. You know, I've experienced much the same thing. Freakin' hard to believe.