February 14, 2008

Sorry not a big hit

"In one online poll 36 per cent were in favour of the apology and 64 per cent against, while another had the number at 44 in favour to 56 opposed. "It shows that the average Australian in the street is not in favour of what our leaders are doing ..."
Radio callers outraged: I'm disgusted, says one ...

(I thought all radio callers said that, about everything.)

Well, I guess we've peaked in terms of unification and warm fuzzy feelings. Hope it was good for you.

Turns out that symbolism is a bust.


  1. That's interesting Caz.
    A phone poll conducted by one of the commercial tv channels here in Perth, had a whopping 90% against the apology and only 10% for it.

    Talk is cheap, and warm fuzzy feelings fade fast!(don'tcha just love that alliteration)
    Saying sorry means nothing without something concrete to back it up!

  2. ... warm fuzzy feelings fade fast ...

    Easy to type Kath, but try saying that quickly ten times when you're drunk.

    90% against in WA?!

    Sad how a state with a higher Aboriginal population is even more negative about the whole thing.

    Mind you, I'm still waiting for the governments and churches to apologize to the hundreds of thousands of white babies taken straight after birth from women for no other reason than the mother wasn't married.

    Around 50,000 children (not new borns) were allegedly "stolen", for no better reason than they were Aboriginal. Of almost all of those children, who, as adults, continue to complain that they don't understand or know "why" they were "stolen", were abandoned, neglected or sometimes abused. They were dumped, in other words. This too is documented.

    Hundreds of thousands of white babies were stolen for no better reason than a lack of a marriage certificate.

    No one cares about that. Different era, they say, different cultural context, they say. It was "all for the best", they say. Everything turned out just fine for those hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies. No apologies.

  3. Paying reparations will be next. Just wait & see.

  4. Forty compensation claims have been lodged with Victorian courts since the "sorry" was said.

    So much for "unifying" the country.


    Divided we stand, divided we fall.

    Same ol', same ol'.