February 3, 2008

Peace through scratching

What you've always suspected is true: if more men had a good back scratching more often, there would be fewer wars.

Science has proven that scratching temporarily shuts off brain areas linked to unpleasant feelings and memories.

Scratching reduces activity in the anterior cingulate cortex and the posterior cingulate cortex, areas that are linked with pain aversion and memory. The more intensely a person scratches, the less activity there is in those areas of the brain.

Get to it: give someone you care about a good scratching.

Of course, if you run into a politician, consider whether or not they require additional scratching - many already suffer significant memory problems, and may, in fact, be getting more than the requisite dose of scratching.


  1. That's why I keep a backscratcher handy at all times ;-)

  2. Now we know the secret of your good humor and well balanced personality Cubicle.

    Perhaps there should be public scratching posts dotted around our cities, for people, not cats.