February 25, 2008

Nadda nadda

Ralph Nader, he of the sour grapes and party-pooper fame, today announced a fresh meaningless shit-fight for the White House, "eight years after earning the acid hatred of Democrats for dividing the anti-Republican camp in a razor-thin vote".

Ralph and his ego denied that they were running as a "spoiler" duo who could hand the presidency to Republican John McCain.

In a cheesy and clumsy grab for the cheap t-shirt market, Ralph declared:

"Dissent is the mother of assent, and in that context I have decided to run for president"

Meanwhile, rather than being stoked that anyone had read them, Hillary is mighty insulted and teary-eyed that people would dare pick on her poor-wittle proposed policies:

"Pundits had detected a hint of farewell in Senator Clinton's closing remarks at a debate with Senator Obama on Thursday. But the New York senator came out firing yesterday, declaring "shame" on her rival for attacking her healthcare and trade policies."

Instead of this bilge, Ralph is offering the "prospect of a competitive discourse over major areas of public policy".

The first contestant to submit the correct meaning of "competitive discourse", along with three illuminating examples, will win a cheap t-shirt with the slogan: "Dissent is the mother of assent and the metaphorically challenged".

New York Times ...


  1. I'm glad Nader is in the race because it helps the republican side.

    Good old Ralph ;-)

  2. Not sure how much he'll help the GOP Cubicle, he might be past his use-by-date for divisiveness. May turn out to be more tedium than excitement.