February 22, 2008

Boo hiss

A 2005 report on the "pending" rental property crisis has just come to light. The Howard government sat on it and stifled all requests for access. The country thanks you Johnny. Really. Especially renters.

An Italian judge has been sentenced to a year in jail for refusing to sit in a court with a crucifix on the wall. He's going to jail for believing courts should be neutral and secular.

Recent earthquakes in Israel have been blamed on Israel's parliament acceptance of gays, including permitting gays to adopt children. One expert opined that a cost effective way of averting earthquake damage would be to stop "passing legislation on how to encourage homosexual activity in the state of Israel".

Big-boned Kirstie Alley may have lost her contract with Jenny Craig, but she isn't done with fat yet. Alley is going to develop and pilot her own weight-loss brand. You go ggiirrrlll.


  1. Recall also that the Coalition sat on the Workplace Authority's analysis of AWAs, which has finally seen the light of day.

    Re: God as Big Daddy with the Thrashing Belt.

    While Israeli straiteners hold forth on how to make God stop sending earthquakes, Saudi straiteners hold forth on how to make God send rain.

    The only problem with religion tends to be its adherents. More precisely, the problem is with institutionalised priesthoods who prey on people's ignorance and fear for their own power and aggrandisement. Bastards.

  2. I was working just off Oxford St. Darlinghurst today, the place is crawing with cheerful types.

    As there have been no earthquakes reported in the vicinity of Sydney lately does that mean God has no problem with our cheerful ones?

  3. There have been no earthquakes in Sydney = there are no gays in Sydney.

    Do at least try to keep up Justin.

    "The only problem with religion tends to be its adherents."


  4. In that case I'm moving out come the Mardi Graaaaaarse.

    God will be really pissed.

    BTW religion is OK but the church I go to doesn't allow smokers inside anymore. I don't know why God changed his mind but it seems a dam shame that one cannot kill oneself with a fag and a drink whilst comfortable in church.

    God of all people should know this; I do keep telling him and all he does is give me the next winning lotto numbers then tells me to fuck off. You can't go to church and smoke numbers for Christ's sake....shheeeeee. Boo Hiss indeed.

    PS. does God need to go to anger management? if so you tell him...

  5. "...does God need to go to anger management?"

    Hell, yes!!!

    Most blokes who warrant that prescription are, however, subject to human frailties (wink, wink).

    So what's God's excuse, then?

    (Gee... maybe I'm angry at God? Can't think why...)

  6. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Come on guys.
    It was just one dickhead, albeit an MK, and it appears his motives were more political than religious:

    Benizri's gay earthquake

    By Shahar Ilan

    Shlomo Benizri is not Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and nor is he Nissim Ze'ev.

    Benizri is Shas' most skilled and experienced speaker and was probably fully aware of the earthquake he would cause when he approached the microphone during a Knesset plenum session and, knowing he was in full view of the television cameras, quoted passages from the Gemara concerning body organs so shaken during male homosexual sex they even cause shocks in the Syrian-African fault line. Advertisement

    Benizri's words were not taken out of context, nor were they a slip of the tongue.

    Benizri could have accurately guessed how many radio and television producers would try to book him on their shows and have him debate the link between gays and tectonic plates. It's hard not to reach the conclusion that he wanted to raise a storm and he got what he wanted.

    For most of his latest tenure, Benizri, who is being tried on corruption charges, has kept a low profile. He has focused most of his parliamentary activity in the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, and made few controversial statements. Why did he decide that the time had come to make a stand? Does he believe it would be beneficial for his trial to present himself as a victim? Or did he deem his witticism too good to keep to himself? Only Benizri knows.

    Benizri's defense can be described as: "It wasn't me, it was the Gemara!" He was referring to a discussion in the Jerusalem Talmud about the causes of earthquakes and which, in one passage, makes a link between gay sex, God's wrath and earthquakes.

    In which case, Ophir Pines-Paz (Labor) wittily replied: "Then change the Gemara." Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv said that the "only organ that shook the Knesset was Benizri's unrestrained tongue."

    If somebody is planning to appeal to the Knesset Ethics Committee then they are wasting their time. MK Nissim Ze'ev compared "homos" to the bird flu in a Knesset committee last month. He also said that they are causing "the self-destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people." In response, the Association for Civil Rights complained to the committee.

    This week, Haim Oron (Meretz), the committee's chairman, replied to the complaint, stating that "all the committee members believe that MK Nissim Ze'ev's statement is on the very verge of crossing the committee's delineated borderlines," causing one to wonder what exactly it would take to cross the committee's lines.

  7. No earthquakes here at the Rectory I can tell you.

    Us adherents here are goodly, if not always godly adhering types. Speaking for myself, I can be found adhering to a cold black or decent red. Often. With religious fervour. Occasionally both - at once as it were. Often...

  8. Jacob2:18 PM

    Ah Father Park, I was of course not including your holiness in my blanket, intemperate spray against institutionalised priesthoods.

    What the world needs now is more renegade liquid priests like your good self.

  9. Indeed it does. Given I have a neice's 21st this evening, I shall spread the liquid about...so to speak.

    If it is anything like brother Porky's exposed form on parties, the temprite will be cold and the fluid will be flowwing.

    Animals will be turning upon spits, vegetables and salads will overflow the servery and reds will be present in abundance.

    My sort of place. Indeed it sounds like what I should do for my fiftieth. Perhaps I shall simply hire brother Porky.

    Certainly beats the link-out at the WD Corral my piece has morphed into.

  10. Anon - lighten up, it'll be good for your physical and mental health.

    Father - glad to hear you'll be vigorously promoting diversity at the nieces 21st. Excellent! A fine example to all.

  11. Ahh, the diversity, the diversity.

  12. What is the "pending" rental property crisis? Too much? Too little? Too expensive?

    Is the "expert" an expert on earthquakes or discouraging homosexuality, or both?

    I just saw Kirstie on the cover of one of the crap mags and she's really big again (if it's a legitimate picture, of course). She'll have to lose that weight before anybody's going to buy her weight loss program.

  13. Too little and too expensive.

    Housing prices have sored in Oz over the last decade, not because the actual value of any house has increased, purely on the back of greed, stupidity, economic policies, low interest rates, and a general trend toward ludicrous and unsustainable loan sizes.

    What this adds up to is more home buyers, but also more people who will forever be stuck in rentals because they'll never save enough for even a modest deposit, fewer rental properties and more people needing to rent.

    Then we have 9 successive interest rate hikes, which prompts landlords to whack up rents with both grasping hands (even if they have no mortgage to pay).

    The vacancy rate in some areas is less than 2%, which means a rental property might have 50 or 100 people turn up to an "open inspection".

    It's pretty ugly, and neither state nor federal gov'ts have done anything to address housing needs. Bugger all. Rudd's "2020" gab-fest in April has no mention of housing in his list of areas to be addressed. Apparently we little Aussies don't need affordable, or even available, housing during the next decade.

    Expert in homosexuality would be my best guess. He appears to know a great deal about it, and it's consequences.

    I'm guessing that Kirstie's "pilot" of her newly invented weight loss plan will be her selling point. Poor woman, she does have a problem, but trying to turn it into a money-making concern, when she has thus far failed so abysmally, is a tad stupid, even for an actor/Scientologist.