January 23, 2008

Phew: the government is watching

Grocery prices in Australia have risen 43.6% since 1996, compared with consumer price index rises of 28.8%.

But fear the price of bread and butter no more!

The government is watching, standing ever alert with eyes fixated on grocery prices!

As promised during the election the Rudd government is going to "look into" grocery prices.

The government's new "inquiry into grocery prices will put greater competitive pressure on supermarkets — but don't expect prices to go down."


I see.

Pending excitement averted.


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Had a good laugh at that one Caz!

    The Rudd government will most certainly be looking into many things I am sure!

    Looking, looking, looking..

    It's what they do best..(Fuck all)

    As for grocery and petrol prices going down..

    Bit like believing that Rudd is Father Christmas I reckon!

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Mind you, some poor deluded folk, do believe Rudd IS Father Christmas!

    After all.. didn't they think that all their" Christmas's had come at once" when Rudd turfed Howard out, eh?

  3. They misunderstood Kath: one Christmas comes after Rudd.

    Easy to understand the confusion.

  4. Yep, they're on the case all right.

    Stephen Conroy has just announced that help is at hand for people living in country areas who are having difficulties with telephone communications.

    Thanks to the Labor Government, these people will now be able to tell Telstra about these problems by... calling in to a help line.

    "Got problems with your telephone line? Call us on your telephone line and tell us about it!"

    It's nice to know Labor is out there helping us ordinary Australians. They really, really care.

  5. Err, that would be the new Telstra helpline to replace the old Telstra helpline, then?

    Phew: pending ecstasy and all phone calls averted.

    Gotta be grateful: none of us will die from an surfeit of government induced happiness any time soon.