January 13, 2008

It used to be hot here ...

The highest temperature ever recorded in Melbourne was 45.6 C.

That was in 1939.


  1. The outside thermometer on the Forester was telling us it was 43 on Friday. We were rolling to Echuca from Ballarat with the sinious voice of the radio weather person seducing us with tales of the coming cool change. It was coming....coming...coming...

    By the time we'd made it within some twenty kilometres the voice was intoning the double sided benefits of the change for firefighters outside of Ballarat where the sou'southeasters accompanying the change which had "spread through Victoria from the west" were causing new problems.

    And the thermometer read 43...still.

    When I removed myself from the car outside the American Hotel in Echuca - at 5:30 - the norwester felt like my bloody fan-forced oven on fan-grill (I open it all the time whilst checking....in over ten years that appears to be a blank spot in my addled brain).

    The "change" arrived about an hour later. Blessed relief and, even though not of any huge magnitude, the next day's 33 was an air-conditioned room by comparison.

    A nice state is Victoria. I'd forgotten how nice. Haven't been there (outside of Melbourne for business) since we had the children. Then too that was in April (my favourite month - not only birthday wise) with all the marvellous weather that month (and May) usually brings.

    Wish I'd more time as I'd loved to have dallied around Daylesford/Bendigo for a while. Haven't been to Bendigo since '88 (driving through doesn't count).

    Of course, the fact that wineries dot the region will have nothing to do with any expressed interest. No, not at all...

  2. It's George W. Bush's fault ;-)

  3. I should have known you were an April baby Father. Some very fine babies have been born in that excellent month.

    Sounds as though you have a truly excellent time in our neck of the woods ... well, almost, thereabouts.

    Cubicle - so many things to blame him for, so little time left to make the mud stick, 'ey?

  4. Ohhh....It'll stick. Like decent two-pack, It'll stick.