January 28, 2008

I'm sorry for Aboriginal children and women

I'm deeply sorry that Aboriginal children are repeatedly raped and beaten, have epidemic levels of sexually transmitted diseases, don't go to school because the adults are too drunk or drugged to care, live in hideously unsanitary conditions, do not have sufficient food, and, on the rare occasion that anyone in authority has evidence of the depraved circumstances of a child's life, they vigorously decline to do anything to protect that child, preferring to send them straight back home, so as to protect the integrity of the Aboriginal family unit and the exulted Aboriginal culture.

When parliament re-opens on February 12, Prime Minister Rudd is going to say sorry, on your behalf and mine, to the "stolen generation".

At the Lodge on Saturday night, Kev told his audience that he wanted indigenous people to be "full participants" in society, rather than marginalised Australians.

Yeah, sure.

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  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Yeah.. I'm sorry too Caz!
    For the same reasons you are!


    Another token gesture from Kev..

    Gonna achieve diddly- squat I reckon!