January 18, 2008

Duck Friday


  1. A North American Ruddy Duck.

    (Remember the fella with the blue beak? That's was his cousin, another Ruddy Duck!)

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Hmmm.. Looks suspiciously like a Ruddy Pheasant to me Caz!

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Yerss.......Think you ducked out there, Caz.

  4. MR AMERICAN SETTLER: (Scrutinising suspiciously the meal on his plate) What's that?

    MRS AMERICAN SETTLER: Oh, it's nothing. It's just another ruddy duck.

    Thus history is made - sometimes...!

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    It's a Fucking (old) Fuddy (duddy) Ruddy Duck Fiday tonight folks; old and young fuddies alike.

    I am delightfully pissed and that is how it should be on Duck Friday.

    At least this time I didn't have to do the scroll thing.

    Drink anyone?

  6. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I'll have another Jus...
    I'm with you.Have JUST knocked off a bottle of bubbly..
    But .. yeah .. I could go another me love.. And a drink too!
    Here's lookin' at ya kid!

  7. Anonymous9:54 PM


    Just had a thought Jus.

    Hope Caz doesn't kick us out for unruly behaviour!(being pissed as parrots)

    I can still walk a staighjt line ..ya know!qmgc

  8. Anonymous10:24 PM


  9. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Cheers Kath, I'm looking at ya but I'm seeing double.

    Ha but two Kaths, now that a thought - yum.

    Nah Caz won't kick us out, probably feels sorry for us really; anyway what damage could a three toed Tasmanian, a Potomac and the most loviest lass in the universe do to a blog.

    Shit my key board wants another drink - soon I'll being seeig double out of each eye.

    Have to go this is getting difficult..luv ya.

    BTW is that weally a duck or is Caz just pulling something?

  10. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Gotta say that my hackles are raised by the absence of webbed-feet... and the unducklike tail-plumage... and the hackles... or, um, is it a crest?

    Still, this is Duck Friday, so how can it NOT be a DUCK???

  11. Look, if I'm sayin' it's the long lost cousin of the Ruddy Duck, then it is.

    [Ever laid eyes on Tasmanian cousins, 'ey?

    Then you'll know I'm telling the god's honest truth: it's a duck, a Ruddy Duck.]

  12. Jacob's hackles are raised?

    Doe it hurt?

    Are you from Tasmania too?

    "Still, this is Duck Friday, so how can it NOT be a DUCK???

    Yet you still saw the light Jacob.

    Keep walking toward the light.

    Ruddy ducks all over the friggin' place if you just keep walking toward the light.

  13. I was just about to say that it doesn't look like a duck to me and I live in North America!

    Maybe it's a Martian duck ;-)

  14. A ruddy Martian duck?

    Sure works for me Cubicle!

    You can keep an eye out for them, now that you have a mug shot.