January 20, 2008

Caucus Call

Hillary wins the latest round for the Dem's.

McCain wins the latest round for the GOP.


  1. Hmmm. It's becoming quite interesting.

    We do not need another Clinton. I'd like to see Obama win that race.

    Good to see McCain come back. The world in no way needs a Huckabee presidency. Republicans have already had an absolute goose in the White House. They do not need to endorse another goose as their candidate.

  2. No Father, we do not need another Clinton in the White House.

    Did you know that one quarter of Americans have lived only under two Presidential names - Clinton and Bush? If Hillary gets the nomination and wins, that figure will increase to one third. Weird and freaky, hey, for a non-monarchy country.

    Huckabee looks to me like a badly made-up Nixon. Something about his appearance reminds me of Tricky-Dicky. That alone rules him out in my mind.

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