January 13, 2008

Big old girls do cry

Much gnashing of feminist teeth in the US of A over media coverage of Hillary Clinton.

Seems some people believe that it's only women in politics who are judged by harsh or superficial standards.

Maybe they should have a chat to John Howard, and see if they can wring a tear out of his eyes over the unrelenting chorus of general denigration and direct questioning about his age, his staleness, his unappealing image, his lack of likability, and so on, during last year's election campaign. Of course, they could also ask Peter Costello about his image and his smirk (just for something completely different.)

Or maybe they could examine a few pictures of the Republican candidate Fred Thompson, who, upon even the most superficial of glances, is so undeniably old and crinkly that a vet is standing by to carry out urgent euthanasia as soon as the signal is given. Does anyone even pretend that Thompson is anything other than floppy, crinkled and entropically challenged? Sure, he hasn't cried yet, but that doesn't serve to make him any more aesthetically appealing or crowd-pleasingly invigorating.

Seriously ladies, trust me when I tell you that we deeply superficial people cast aspersions on men and women equally. And please, never ever think you can over-estimate the depth of my superficiality.


  1. I agree. There's plenty of old/ugly to go around in the political arena.

    Silly me, I'm rooting for a candidate who can do the job.

  2. "entropically challenged." Beautiful phrase, but, aren't we all?

  3. Some of the "we" are more progressed on that path than others Drunka.

    (No pointing fingers, truly I'm not!)

  4. Who are you favoring during the caucus process Cubicle?

  5. Mitt, Rudy, or Fred are my best choices, and Fred only if he continues to stoke the fire in his belly like he did during the last debate. My fear is he will not, so that really leaves Mitt or Rudy.

  6. Don't think Fred can maintain his fire Cubicle. That might have been the only match he had left in the box. :-)

    Rudy's campaign seems to be going a bit cactus (but who knows?).

    Mitt - not my cup of tea.

    GOP has such a mixed and split field. Nice to be spoiled for choice in these things (we never are in Oz, of course, not with our system), but there are no star runners at the moment.

    Wouldn't be game to try to tip the GOP nomination, that's for sure.