December 29, 2007

Post-modern assassin's manual

There was no autopsy (the family declined), but the post-mortem examination of Benazir Bhutto apparently suggests that she died from banging her head on the lever of the car's sun-roof. There were no bullet wounds and no bomb blast wounds.

Almost as ludicrous as losing a Prime Minister at the beach.


We did do that, didn't we?


A Pakistani television station has released footage which it says shows a gunman firing at opposition leader Benazir Bhutto before an accomplice detonates a suicide bomb.

The footage clearly shows Ms Bhutto collapsing into her armoured-vehicle before the suicide blast, contradicting official government claims that she ducked to avoid the shots and cracked her skull on the sunroof.

The Government's version, which included only partial footage of the attack, has been met with widespread derision.


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    The Pakistani Government, shonky lot that they are, would most certainly try and play down the significance of Bhutto and her fight for democracy by trivializing her death.

    Heavens, they certainly wouldn't want the people to see her as a martyr now, would they?

    *Sorry i'm late but I posted a comment on the global warming thread too , Caz.

  2. This is fertile ground for the conspiracy theories to proliferate.

    Sadly, the truth is a rare commodity in the Middle East.