December 30, 2007

Only because no-one died

"We all know viscerally and factually that whatever misguided idiocy possessed Hicks to undertake training and to write to his mother about his "lovely brother", Osama bin Laden, he poses no threat to our national security."
Feel free to speak for yourself big boy, but don't you dare suggest that my facts or my viscerals happily coincide with yours.

Australians and the Australian MSM have gone all intellectually gooey over David Hicks.

Let's be factual, shall we?

These free people, writing articles and letters, have the luxury of rabbiting on about Hicks' Middle Eastern adventures as being youthful folly only because Hicks didn't find time or opportunity to kill anyone.

The majority of successful terrorists, are young, stupid and misguided, of that we can definitely be sure. We don't however, wring our hands and offer to take them to McDonalds for a 'burger and a quiet heart to heart, mostly because those folly ridden lads are very often wandering about the heavens in search of their swag of virgins, having murdered dozens or hundreds of people here on planet earth.

Hicks is a failed terrorist. For many Australians that makes him innocent.

Some have even suggested that we don't and mustn't punish people for what they think about, but don't carry out, which is a nonsense (hello: pedophiles anyone?). Legal system can and do punish people for all types of unsuccessfully 'thought about' criminal activities.

Note, too, the blithering stupidity of the article's heading (below).

No: this "new era" -
all four weeks of it - has not resulted in fundamental changes to life or the universe as we know it.

Astonishing, isn't it?

Wonder which part of "me" or "too" that people failed to understand when they elected Rudd.

New era just as disgraceful as the old ...

Oh, and the good old Herald-Sun carried the front page heading: "Hicks refuses to say sorry". This would be fine, except that he hasn't refused to do any such thing. The heading would only make sense if Hicks was obligated to say "sorry", or had been asked by an interviewer if he wished to say "sorry" and had responded "no, I don't".

The "sorry" crap was started by the MSM; they hyped up a load of tripe that Hicks would issue a statement to say sorry (to who, one wonders?) upon his release from jail. So, Hicks didn't follow through on a media created scenario, which is promptly labeled as a "refusal to say sorry".

Clowns to the left of us, clowns to the right ...


  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Adelaide needs another serial killer. It must be a least three months since the last one.

  2. Ah, Geoff, always sensible, always seeing that which the rest of us fail to notice.

    Happy New Year to you and the family. Keep well in 2008!

  3. I think it's wise to remember the legal concept of intent... he intended to kill & that's enough for me.