December 8, 2007

Less beer for the buck

The Cascade Premium Lager stubby has shrunk from 375ml to 330ml.

This has been bandied about as being a "secretive price hike rip-off".

Well, sooky sooky.

I guess the lads and lassies who drink beer never go near a grocery store.

This little trick has been played out by grocery producers, and even women's cosmetics, for a good couple of decades, generally accompanied by lovely new packaging and a price hike to boot - all with less content.

(Hey, you don't seriously believe they repackage things just for the pleasure of recapturing the consumer's attention, did you?)


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Think they're ripping us all off every which way, Caz.

    Even in the building business.

    eg Hubby used to be able to buy 50 clips(used to secure shade cloth to Pergolas)for the price he now pays for 25..This happened over a period of time of course. First it was 40 then 35 then 25...
    No lovely new packaging here though!

  2. I don't think the down-sizing of a beer bottle is going to affect too many businesses or households Kath, but that's what makes headlines, for reasons I won't fathom in my lifetime.

    The real story, such as when this happens with everyday grocery items, or through a myriad of goods that are direct costs to small businesses - like Mr Kath's - isn't even mentioned, doesn't raise an eyebrow.

    But hey, Big Kev promised to reduce the price of groceries and petrol - he insisted that he feels our pain.

    He's going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions too.

    By reducing the price of petrol.

    I think.


  3. Shades of Orwell's "1984". They cut your chocolate ration, but make you think it's more.