December 3, 2007

How America Lost the War on Drugs

"All told, the United States has spent an estimated $500 billion to fight drugs - with very little to show for it. Cocaine is now as cheap as it was when Escobar died and more heavily used. Methamphetamine, barely a presence in 1993, is now used by 1.5 million Americans and may be more addictive than crack. We have nearly 500,000 people behind bars for drug crimes - a twelvefold increase since 1980 - with no discernible effect on the drug traffic. Virtually the only success the government can claim is the decline in the number of Americans who smoke marijuana - and even on that count, it is not clear that federal prevention programs are responsible."
If you know nothing about the illicit drug industry, if you think simple and wrong answers to complex social problems are the way to go, or if you believe that illicit drugs are inherently the source of all evil an the scourge of the universe - oh heck, whatever you believe and even if you you no opinions of any kind about illicit drugs - you should read this anyway:

How America Lost the War on Drugs ...

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