December 2, 2007

Go Well - Matt Price

Eloquent, heart felt, tear inducing tributes to Matt Price:

News Limited chief John Hartigan - A great journalist, unabashed dag and wonderful human being ...

Annabel Crab - Vale Matt Price, a man of talent, humour and passion ...

Allan Ramsey writes about Matt toward the end of this piece ...

From Father Park (comment posted on earlier post reporting Matt's death):
"It's a pity this thread has sorta fallen off the to speak. It's the way of these threads I s'pose. Death, maudlin...

I have no idea why but Matt Price's death has sort of resonated. Like Annabel Crabb in the SMH observes, I'm one of those who would write "I didn't know matt, only read him...”. I'd add, also, watch him mercilessly tear strips of the egregiously pompous Piers Ackerman on Insiders. Piers was always such an easy target but Price’s parries and observations were always so understated and …wry. Delivered with that “larrikin” grin, Piers was constantly spotlighted for what he was. Insiders was always worth watching when Price (or Trioli) was on.

No, I didn’t know him. I only read and watched him. He wrote extremely well. As a part of that press gallery he stood out with both the erudition of his pieces and the originality of his wit.

I wrote once before that I thought Annabel Crabb might have been his female counterpart. She’d likely disagree strenuously with that assessment. Her “send off” in today’s SMH is heart-felt and succinct – as is Alan Ramsay’s.

I can only say that I hugely missed Matt Price’s mug on the “opinion banner” at top right of the Oz’s web page throughout the campaign. And that, without a doubt, I will miss his writing full stop.

Not half as much as his family will miss him though. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, fair about life."


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Matt - a diehard, one-eyed Dockers supporter - popped up from titme to time at the most popular of the Dockers fansistes, Dockerland.

    'pricem' (as he was known) was a popular poster there and reading through the thread that broke the news of his death there shows how much the one journo who always supported the Freo boys meant to the fans. While it makes for a long comment (sorry, Caz), a few extracts from that thread help to demonstrate just what sort of man Matt was:

    * "He managed to touch us with his take on the game and following our team in it. He brought humanity and humour into an arena that was all the richer for his doing so and he managed that without losing touch with the reality of being a footy fan."

    * "I think it says a lot about a bloke and his impact when never having the good fortune to meet him you still feel devastated at his passing. His weekly musings often got this docker fan through the darker times. Matt P helped create the culture that makes and keeps us Freo."

    Matt Price's columns really touched a lot of Freo fans because he got to the heart of what it was like to support the club that was expected by most people to lose every match. He was in Perth to watch our first final's match where we lost...but where the entire crowd stood and cheered the team off the ground. He desperately wanted Freo to win a Grand Final - but even making it would be enough. In one column he wrote:

    Then there's the sense of futility. My team, Fremantle, has never made a grand final. True, the Dockers' sob story is no 44-year tear-stained saga like that confronting Cats supporters this afternoon.

    Still, 14 years of failure gets to feel like a couple of lifetimes, not least due to false and dashed expectations from earlier this year...

    Grand final day for supporters of unsuccessful sides is also about loss.

    I would love for the Dockers to actually win a flag, but I would be more than satisfied with Freo simply making it through to the last weekend in September.

    Imagine conspiring to get the entire family to Melbourne, scrounging for tickets, luxuriating in the pre-game festivities - that would be more than enough for me, let alone winning the damn thing.

    He'll be greatly missed by politics and Dockers fans alike.

    RIP Matt Price.

  2. Ahh, you're a good gal Caz. Yes, his death has, for some reason, affected me.

    Yes, yes, the congruities: I'm some few years older with a couple of littl'uns.

    I do, though, think it's a combination of his appearances on the ABC and his writing.

    Nice you lifted the "vale" from Father Park to thread status. I feel enormously sorry for his wife and his children.

  3. Good of you to provide that "other side" of Matt's writing and contribution to the sporting life over in the West Dylan. (I have no objection to long comments. We can't always be pithy.)

    Father - I think so many have been saddened, not only because of his talent, or young age, but because, for all of us, he was exactly as he seemed, and in possession of the qualities that we would wish for ourselves, and would wish were more widely apparent throughout the public and private spheres.

    Matt Price really was the man that these touching and uplifting tributes convey, he was the real deal.

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Yeah.. They don't come any better than Matt!

    His funeral was held at my mother-in-laws- local church.

    A beautiful old church....

  5. I'd never heard of Matt Price before he died and I was tearing up reading the thread at Dockerland.

    The Dockers (sorry, Levi Strauss) sound kind of like our (Denver)Broncos, who took 37 years and five tries to win their first championship.