December 14, 2007

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Bipartisan ducks: half left-leaning, half right-leaning.

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Christmas Quackers alweady?

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Where are the 'center' ducks?

    Dylan reminds me that Hugo Chavez turned the horse on the Venezuean flag's coat of arms left so that the flag reflects his country's new revolutionary orientation.

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Really, Jacob? I hadn't heard about that! Crazy stuff.

    I was reading yesterday about the US Presidential Seal and how the eagle was changed (by Truman, I think) to face the olive branches and not the arrows in its talons. Was supposed to symbolise the favouring of peace over war.

    From memory, too, aren't the emu and kangaroo on the coat of arms because they cannot walk backwards and, thus, the country can only move forwards? Urban legend?

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Don't know whether there's anything much to it, Dylan, but I've done a post on this over at AppliedH.

  6. Probably more than anyone wants to know about Truman and the Presidential Seal from

  7. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Looks like the sort of ducks you shoot in a gallery. Wish I had a pea shooter....

    ...and the emu and roo are good tucker.

    and, why do we need a flag anyway?

    and if we need flags why can't we have a new one every couple of years or days or whatever.

    I'm bored with our flag and I bet our flag couldn't give a stuff about us anyway..

    .. so I want a new flag or no at all.

    ..and why are flags the same shape, why don't we have oval flags, or ones shaped like ducks or whatever?

  8. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Or shaped like a potomac..
    Oh, Justin, my love..
    I miss our little trysts!

  9. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Hi Kathy darlin, only thinking bout you earlier. I've been really really busy lately, I mean really busy, next year I'm going to get back to normal(normal?).

    Anyway hope you are doing well, and of cousre same to your real live loved ones.

    A flag shaped like a Potomac would be good, maybe displaying an emu rogering the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    Yep that would be OK for a week or so, then .....