December 3, 2007

Bitchy Bob

A succinct critique of Bob Brown and the Greens, by Paul Sheehan, which starts out with:
"Why is Bob Brown so bitchy about Peter Garrett?"
and ends with:

"At 62, Brown has just been elected for another six-year Senate term. He has been in the business of accumulating power for a very long time. When Garrett emerged as a threat to Brown's power base, he was subject to a steady stream of claims that he had "sold out". Brown dismissed him as Little Red Riding Hood. Now, just three years after entering Parliament, Garrett sits in federal cabinet with his hands on the machinery of policy and power. He has always practised the art of the possible.

If anyone has sold out in this contest it is Brown, for using the environment as a screen for other obsessions, and for failing to grasp the enormous political opportunity presented by the 2007 election.

The Greens should start thinking about a new leader, one more honourable and less shrill."

Bob is the sell-out, not Garrett ...


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Yeah! Piss off the silly old geezer!
    He's "all washed up!"

    It's a shame really..
    Garrett would have made a great leader of the Greens..

    He had the forsight though, to see he could only affect change by being in government.

    He joined the Labor party..

    Hence his throw away line(or was it?) "We'll change it all when we get in."
    How prescient!

  2. Thing is Kath, only a stupid person never changes their mind.

    Garrett didn't become a pollie, nor join the ALP, without thought, or disingenuously.

    He knew what he was doing, and, as you suggest, he certainly would have considered alternatives, but determined that being in government was the way he wanted to effect change.

    I think we can safely presume that Garrett fully anticipated that he would spend his entire political career having people throw the old "sold out" cliche at him. And it has come to pass.