November 21, 2007

Wednesday Wisdom

"The man who has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry is like the potato - the best part underground."

Thomas Overbury, "Characters" (1613)


  1. What about people like me, who don't even have illustrious ancestors? Are we rutabagas or something?

  2. Possibly, in fact, I'm almost definitely certain, the Drunka's are tumescent.

  3. Or, maybe, and this is even more possible, as one of our former Prime Minister's would say, the Drunka's are all tip and no iceberg.

    ["PAUL KEATING: Well, the thing about poor old Costello, he's all tip and no iceberg, you know. He (laughs), you know, he can throw a punch across the parliament, but the bloke he should be throwing the punch to his Howard. Of course, he doesn't have the ticker for it.

    Now, he's now been treasurer for 11 years, the old coconut's still sitting there, araldited to the seat, and, you know, the Treasurer works on the smart quips, but when it comes to staring down the Prime Minister in his office, he always leaves disappointed, you know, he never gets the sword out. You know, you know the thing 'I'll huff and puff and blow your house in', that's Costello (laughs)."

  4. The rutabagas has very poor PR compared to the humble lettuce.

  5. Glued.

    You folk don't have Araldit, Drunka?