November 14, 2007

Wednesday Wisdom

Only the shallow know themselves.

Oscar Wilde


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Fuck is it Wednesday, I thought it was Friday.

    Did anyone watch big brother last night, or was that the night before.

    Anyway I'm off to paint my toenail..

    cheerie bye...

  2. What happened to your other toes Jacob, or do you like to have only the one painted, akin to having feature splashback in the kitchen, which is quite popular these days?

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Ya listening Paris?

    Justin me love how the hell are ya?
    What colour?

  4. Twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; twenty years of marriage makes her look like a public building

    Yes, I have all the man's works. I collected them in the decadent seventies.

  5. Don't you just love the Rowlov's Dog thread on Harry's site?

  6. Anonymous11:45 PM

    It's a dog alright Mike!

    After all, Yelwor is a mongrel dog.

  7. I haven't been paying that much notice. Is Amazingthingy really Yelwor?

  8. Well the only manifestation of Yelwor that hasn't been aired by Amazing boredom is the whereabouts and movements of the US sixth fleet.

    I'm sure that's coming though.

  9. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Hi Kath darlin; mission brown same as my gutters. That way it is easier for me to hide from the bad guys.

    BTW, Harry's site may as well be put out of its misery, I go have a look now and then but nothing of interest, not even a laugh.

    Oh well, such as life.

  10. Yes Justin: a black disc revolving at 33 & 1/3 revolutions with Grand Canyon sized scratch at the Israel track.

    ....Ziononazi fascists and murderers. Now, lets move on to **clunk** ...should retreat behind the 67 line. Israel is in.....

  11. Anonymous7:02 PM

    **clunk** sounds good..

    think I'll pop over and post same at CC.

    ..and see what happens....

    Yep I'm bored, bored at batshit; bored with politics (same old same old) bored with blogs (same old same old).

    If I get bored of drinking (god forbid) I think help will be required..

    ...but things aren't that desparate yet.

    I suppose tomorrow night Caz will post another fucking too cute duckie, noy yhay I don't like seeing fucking too cute ducks an all, but maybe once just once, how about a pic of a nicely roasted duck, or Peking duck, or Donald Duck.

    I'm bored....

  12. A genuine and large roasted duck has been posted, on this very blog, just the once Father.

  13. Amazingthingy might be Yelwor?

    Hmmm, hmmm.

    Don't know if the style is Yelwor's.

    Have wondered who it is, but only for around a three quarters of a nano-second.

  14. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Father Park, he's been on about the US Navy elsewhere, though I don't think the Harry Truman is part of the 6th Fleet.

    I googled up Amazigh when he first rocked up and got a Wikipedia article on Berbers. Maybe it is the way my mind works but when I read 'A Amazigh' now I think 'A Berber' and then (for some reason) 'A Barber' and then Tony Barber from Sale of the Century.

    Something's loose upstairs...

  15. Loose upstairs?? Nahhh, perfectly secure. Just depends in which environment such thinking would be considered perfectly secure...

  16. Not really helping Dylan.

    I'm quite sure that Tony Barber is not commenting at C.C.

  17. Anonymous8:54 PM

    As the references to Delvene Delaney and Alyce Platt are pretty thin on the ground I suspect you are right there, Caz.

  18. Err, that was Justin petitioning for the Cantonese roast duck.

    I second him on that score though. If there's one temptation I can't resist it's Cantonese roast duck. Black beer too...two temptations. Decent red as well...three ok? Iv'e three temptations I can't resist. And a well presented pair of tight female buttocks...Four temtations....

    .....I think I'll go back to the delicious Indian deep froed fish I'm cooking that I can't....FIVE temtations.