November 24, 2007

We vote


Exit polling suggests Howard will lose his seat, decisively.

Seven minutes until polls close in Eastern states.


Seems to be a 15% swing against the Nationals in Queensland. Ouch.


The ALP only need three more seats to win government. 7.50 PM Eastern Time.

Howard has lost his seat, based on primary votes alone.


Malcolm Turnball looks certain to retain his seat. (Update: with massive swing in his favor!)

Why? How?


9.09 PM - The ALP have won Government.

It's done.


  1. Stage left:

    If you are thinking of the other bloke, don't. Don't be stupid: I've always known what's in the best interests of the party and that's voting for me

    Stage right:

    Can I speak and comprehend Ju’/hoansi? About this much. And, lrt me say, I'm well aware of the government's line that my lack of experience with this African Bushman language makes me a huge risk as Prime minister. Do I think it has any bearing on my abilities as PM. About this much

    ALP by three to six.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Mate, was I ever relieved when I numbered the last box 'below the line' and ended up with '68'...

  3. Seriously, you didn't, did you Jacob?

    Have just this moment arrived back from voting, and it's the first time I recall voting above the line for the Senate - SIXTY EIGHT?

    Ah, bugger that, thought I, and placed a neat little "1" above the line.

    I was outta there!

  4. If I'd ended up with '67' or '69' I'd have had a bloody fit.

    We took my mother to the polling booth and I was interrupted halfway through when she complained she'd stuffed up her Reps ballot paper.

    Was worried I might have lost my train, but got through in the end.

  5. I thought about it 'til I saw it. Too, the kids - well, Josh mostly - was complaining it would take "an hour".

    I guess he wanted to get back to Runescape and we did do the family thing and walk...through the sauna bath that is the Sydney atmosphere at the present.

    What about that quote from Stephen Kiem (Naneef's Barrister)? Without peer as the best of the campaign.

    So true, unfortunately.

  6. For those who don't know, Naneef is Haneef's sixth cousin from Ork.

    Naneef! Naneef!

  7. Indeed, losing count would have been my biggest concern, followed by the sheer decision making burden.

    That is, what if I'd numbered 26 through to 39, before stumbling across a wad of names that, with all due deliberation, I believed were more deserving of being numbers 25 to 32 and numbers 39 and 38?

    And that wouldn't have happened once, it would have kept happening, and I would have needed to ask for a new ballot paper roughly every 15 minutes so that I could start all over.

    I figure it would have taken me around 2 hours and 43 minutes to finalise my senate vote.

    Bless above the line, that's all I can say.

  8. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I'll second that Caz.

    And, I'll stick my neck out and say
    libs by three!

  9. My reasoning was chiefly with a view to the electoral funding arrangements.

    First-preferenced parties get more of the electoral funding. That way a punter can nourish the smaller parties while denying the majors funds they don't deserve. (Uh oh... which they will then make up by less transparent means. Oh well, it's nice in theory.)

    With the preferential system your vote likely ends up with whichever major you preferenced first anyway. But by excercising discretion below the line one may theoretically foster democratic diversity.

    If you don't like or have never heard of some of the candidates/parties, it's safe enough just to preference them all last as a bloc, just as long as you prioritise the ones that matter to you (if any).

    So it probably didn't take me much longer than about 5 minutes (not including Mum's drama). Nearly got writers' cramp, however.

  10. Too much hard work Jacob. I spend far too much time in the office on spreadsheets without spreading one out on the weekend.

    Libs by three Kathy?

    Bloodsport, bloodsport!!

    Blood on the tally room flor. Despondent faces - government or ALP - bitterness and recrimination. The tally room Colosseum.

    If the government goes down expect cleavers, machettes and chef's knives to be not too far away.

  11. History repeats:

    Howard claimed that Downer was attempting to disguise cowardice as misfortune. At this, Downer sprang to his feet and shouted back “Yes, it was my cowardice that saved your leadership – you who call yourself the Party’s best hope for victory - when you turned your back on the incontrovertible message from your front bench and the polls. And it is the sweat and toil of these same Liberals and their feats in previous elections that have made you so great that you disown your own party’s interest!

    At these words Howard was furious. “You scum,” he cried out “do you think you can go on speaking of me like this, and stir up trouble among the party members and not pay for it?” And Downer retorted “Oh but we liberals do pay for it. Just think of the rewards we’re getting for our efforts. It’s those who’ve now lost their seats that are happy, for they will never have see those Liberals of us left begging an ALP speaker of the house for a word edgewise!”

    With abject apologies to Plutarch (Alexander).

    Whether or not Howard will, in drunken fury, pick up a spear and run Alex through only tonight will tell.

  12. Jacob - ordinarily I vote below the line, but sheesh, too much like hard work this time around - bugger the funding.

    Not all lost for the little parties though: I gave my above the line to the Shooter's Party. I figure their preferencing for Greens or Family First would be way down their list.

    Mind you, could be wrong. Didn't think about who they might preference, just decided on the spur of the moment. My minor act of rebellion and assertion of individuality in the booth.

    Would have gone Dem's, but don't think it would have helped them any.

  13. 17:58, The Lady Rector and Caitling are finishing off erecting the Christmas tree.

    Time to sit back, beer in hand, to watch the electing spree.

    Howard's end.

  14. Anonymous6:10 PM

    In case anyone wants to watch online Sky News has a feed here.

  15. Cool, thanks Dylan.

    Bertie - Christmas tree????!!!

    It's not even December yet!

  16. It appears that I have been remakably conservative rather than relentlessly partisan.

    The polls were coming together, the return to the government was on.

    Wishful thinking.

    How long until the concession?

  17. I imagine Howard is busy mustering up his "greatest of good grace" - Janette is even busier trying to find hers.

    He not only needs to concede government, but his own seat.

    Makes it all a bit icky.

    His seat is supposedly on a "knife edge" as I type, but I think that's rubbish.

  18. Howard has called Rudd, he has conceded.

    Can't be too much longer for the concession speech.

    That will be an interesting moment in history.

  19. You're a funny gal Caz - "trying to find hers".

    Yes, much deference is being shown to Howard's position. I believe he's rooted: last figures a 5.1% swing against. Going on Nick Minichin's advice, he'd want to hope that some 20% of his electorate have exercised a postal vote.

  20. I "called" Howard's seat before 8.00 PM Father, the "professionals", even as we speak, are still dithering around like a pack of blind elderly goat herders.

    All credit to Howard, for an excellent concession speech, certainly the best we've had in many an election. He was, I believe, sincere in all that he said, focusing on thanking people, rather than anything negative. Indeed, not a negative thought or brow was seen so much as flickering across his face.

    I'll write about McKew tomorrow, but let's just say that the new sitting member for Howard's old seat has more to learn than she imagines. (Did you catch her babbling, endlessly?)

    Can't help myself when it comes to Janette-jibes Father. She's led a multi-millionaire lifestyle off MY money for the last 11 years. She was barely seen at home, yet she never missed an overseas trip, and was always front and centre in other countries. She was also the "adviser" who wouldn't let Johnny leave on top of his game.

    I'm not a fan Father, please forgive me.

  21. Wow.

    Just - wow.

    I don't think I was expecting that to happen.

    Should be an amusing next couple of years.

  22. Even though I'd heard it was likely, it still amazes me that Howard lost his own seat. I'm going to go find his concession speech.

    By the way, only another year to go in the U.S. election campaign.

  23. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Unfortunately, like many before him, Howard refused to see the writing on the wall, and selfishly thought he could pull a 5th term off.

    I did sorta feel sorry for the old bugger last night.(just for a minute!)
    You are right Caz it was an excellent concession speech.
    I thought Howard was very sincere and positive about the future of the country.

    Now we will get to see what stuff Rudd is really made of eh?

  24. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Btw Caz, I was less than impressed with Rud's victory speech.

    He seemed very controlled, almost like he was reading from notes..

    Lacked the spontaneous heartfelt feelings evident in Howard's unprepared sincere speech.

  25. Rudd the android Kath.


  26. Admittedly, I'm not up on your politics, but, as a American, I'm sorry to see Howard go because he was such an ally.

    I hope Ruud isn't the one on tape eating his ear wax. Ewww.

  27. Yes, one in the same Cubicle.

    Prime Minister Kevin (I eat my ear wax) Rudd.

    As a nation, we must be so proud.