November 25, 2007

We elect

Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd

Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard


  1. Howard will have no need of retiring. He's lost his seat.

    Anthony Green assiduously atttempted to point this out amongst the postal vote clap-trap from Nick Minchin.

    Just how many Bennelong postal votes are there?

    The AEC has the swing (close of counting) to McKew at 5.97%. She required 4.1%.

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Hahahahahahahah...looks like JWH lost his seat, and rightly so. I suppose there will be two women JWH will detest to his last breath: Maxi and Jackie.

    What a wonderful job Jackie Dragon and the Kelly Gang did in assisting Maxi to cross the line. According to the George guy, on The Insiders this morning, the polls (in non English speaking electorates) took swing back to Labor after the Kelly Gang's efforts in Lindsay.

    What a fitting ending to a PM who quite happily and cynically played the race card to the shame of us all.

    How sweet it was to see the Kelly Gang’s moronic racist ruse blow up in the face of the Liberals and help take out the PM. Jackie Kelly's face summed it up last night, what a pathetic disgrace.

    I also think Andrew Bolt made some good comments regarding the Libs this morning. The Libs need to find a new moral identity, he claims.

    Many, I'm sure, would agree that JWH leaves his party in ruins, where all moral identity has been prostituted to manipulate the gullible into supporting a party that would quite happily send children insane to hold on to power.

    Good riddance John Howard and good riddance to Jackie Dragon and the Kelly Gang, and their ilk. Also good riddance to Ruddock, Downer, Andrews, Vaile and all the rest of the lying corrupt pricks who no longer have the power to infect our democracy with their selfishness.

    Looks like we have a new bunch of pricks now, let’s hope it all doesn’t go to their heads for there will be a very weak and turbulent opposition for some time to come.

    Costello will take leadership while Turnbull sharpens the knife. Turnbull will win eventually, that’s a cert.

  3. Ooooh, how wrong you are Justin.

    Costello has already left the building, metaphorically, at least.

    The Libs might need to find a new moral direction, but the ALP will need to find an ethical and moral pulse, for all our sakes. Let's hope they don't take too long about it.

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Yep PC has bailed out. Funny you know for a moment last night I though he was going to quit all together.

    Turnbull will lead the Libs sooner or later.

    Caz, I'm not holding my breath on the ethical and moral thing; Labor will disappoint us all in the same way the Coalition has, that's politics, that's history.

    Rudd will most probably be even trickier than Howard, in many ways.

    Anyway we are beginning to have a global financial crisis, it is irreversible; Labor and our economy will be in the thick of it soon, so best we buckle up for the ride.

    Costello's tsunami may not be too far off.

    I've been speaking to some of my clients in the know, they are very worried indeed and cashing up. The problem is in the near future many banks will be taking a hit and some will go under.

    We are about to experience the consequences of allowing the foxes to protect the chicken coup.