November 28, 2007


Tony and his people skills have pulled out of the Liberal Party leadership race, suggesting that his barnacle-like association with the Howard government has turned his colleagues off, rather than the fact of him being, essentially, too much of an massive arse for the public to tolerate.

That leaves Turnbull and Nelson to bitch slap it out.

Seeing as neither man is likely to want to play second trollop to the other, that leaves the deputy leadership waiting for a taker.

Have not heard a peep out of Nelson, but Turnbull is busy spruiking himself to journalists:
"Mr Turnbull said he was not like outgoing leader John Howard and not an ideologically-driven person.

"We're two completely different people," he said.

"My approach would be one that is much more objective about policies.

[News flash Mal: no one is objective about policies. Does he mean pragmatic perhaps? Or easy? Or popularist? If so, he shouldn't start off on the wrong foot by trying to pass pragmatism / ease / popularism off as objectivity, it won't wash.]

"I am not an ideological person. I am a practical person. I come with a long experience in business."

[Three long years in politics and Mal still isn't getting it: being a merchant banker isn't the same skills set as running the country. Politics isn't, and has never been, the art of practicality. Besides, there are only 36 practical business people in the entire world, only 8 of whom live in Australia.]

Mr Turnbull said history would judge whether Mr Howard had stayed too long in the Liberal leadership.

"I think, with the benefit of hindsight, that will undoubtedly be the judgement of history," he said.

"John Howard is in his last days as prime minister. He's packing up his house and so forth. I don't want to sit here today and criticise John Howard. This is not the time for it.

[He'll wait until later - everyone will - then they'll rip the guts out of the "bestest ever" Prime Minister.]

"But the proposition (that he stayed too long) is one that will be universally held by historians.

"Of course, we all have 20-20 vision in hindsight."

Your hindsight Mal, perhaps, and all the historians.
Your hindsight Mal, perhaps, and all the journo's, the experts, and the historians.

I first predicted the massive Work Choices blow-back, and that Howard would pull the entire party down with him by not retiring, as far back as 18 months ago. I was howled down. Every time I repeated myself since then, I was howled down. Where are all you geniuses now, hey?

I suspect Turnball will get the leadership, but he is not even close to being job-ready, as it were.

We've already had one "Mal" as the PM. I predict we will never have another.


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I would have thought there was a touch of ideology about the Republic campaign...

  2. I'd hazard a guess that Turnball would put that in the "practical" hand basket, even though, in practical terms it was a dog's breakfast of an effort.

    [What the hell do we want with both a President and a Prime Minister?]

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    I think you are right Caz, Turnbull will get the leadership.
    Who else is there?

    Nelson with the Droopy Hush Puppy eyes?

    Na, don't think so.

    Tis a shame Mal Brough lost his seat. He would of of made a very good opposition leader..

    Now for more important stuff Caz!
    WTF can we do about poor homely Julia.
    If I see her in another pants suit I think I'll scream.

    Terrible cut, accentuating her hips and minimalizing her breasts.

    Usually dull grey or brown.

    Her hair is getting shorter and more manly looking.

    She needs a complete makeover huh?

    Not entirely impossible.. It worked for Hillary, after all!

    The voice is a problem though!

  4. You weren't exactly alone Caz. I was being called a recidivist, socialist, red flag waving unionist elsewhere in 2005 and early 2006.

    My views did not ever change. They are summarisewd on Jacob's blog.Such views, elsewhere, made me a "Howard hater". They were bang on though.

    They will, indeed, strip the "bestest ever" Prime Minister to the bone in coming months (read Alan Ramsay's piece). Years as well as history looks back.

    Turnbull is not the Liberal's future. I'm not certain who is. Turnbull is, more than most politicians, all about himself.

    If they go for Nelson, they may as well parachute Howard into a safe seat and draft him.

  5. Unflattering nose and unflattering suits Kath!

    I swear her nose gets bigger, but it might be related to her hair getting shorter.

    How hard is it to find a softly cut jacket, something that drapes a bit - not the hard cuts she wears - that also sits nicely over the hips, hey?

    I'm always tempted to storm up to women in the street or in the office when I see them wearing jackets that cut them right across the hip line! Ugh! How unflattering. Very often it's the women with particularly wide hips who make this dreadfully obvious mistake.

    Gillard's hair seems to be back to an outrageously bright shade of red again, or is it bad lighting? Or my bad eye sight?

  6. Has she EVER worn a frock?

    Come on people - pictures, pictures, I want pictures!

    Has anyone got a picture of Gillard, as an adult, in a frock?

  7. It's red. I wear read.

    Disclosure you know.

  8. I think Chris Pyne and Julie Bishop are running for the job of deputy?

    I think Steve's earlier prediction, a Turnbull/Bishop team would turn out for the best here.

  9. Ah, but Father, I was never a "Howard-hater", so was dismissed as a blithering idiot.

    (Oh, Harry, of course, thought I was a throw back commie Howard-hater, but he thought that of everyone who didn't think Howard should be PM for the next 50 years.)

    I never "liked" Howard, but there did come a point when he had a smell about him, and an orderly succession for the Libs was CLEARLY needed.

    Apart from that: the IR Laws were always a killer. They were designed to be a wage race to the bottom with - who - our Asian office worker "competitors"? Anyone who couldn't see that - AT THE TIME - just wasn't fucking thinking!

  10. I saw Julie's pic in the paper Tim, but didn't have my glasses with me (just grabbing a coffee to take back to the office), so wasn't sure if they were only speculating about her, or if she was running.

    I did think how pleased Steve would be to have been ahead of the media on that idea. Probably ahead of Julie too.

    (Okay, maybe she had thought of it by then, but, hey, perhaps she read Steve's bloggings and decided to take up his suggestion.)

  11. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Google Images Search for "julia gillard" clothes dress. Weird.

  12. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Looks like it's Nelson nad Bishop Caz!

  13. Yes, the Liberal's middle aged "Ken Doll".

    12 years in opposition....

  14. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Yurnbull will do him in sooner of later, and it might not be pretty...


    but who will do Yurnbull in?

    and thus continues the days of our political lives, same shit different decade and on and on and on.......

  15. I imagine they'll play musical chairs between the two of them. Only three vote difference, which is quite a small split hair.

    If Julie sits back and waits, she can grab the job while the two boys are distracted with each other.

    Won't help the Libs win gov't back, but it will keep the journo's busy at their keyboards.

  16. Dylan - I, umm, guess, err, that is a statement, of sorts, on the idea of Gillard and frock being mentioned in the same sentence, or Gillard and a frock being in the same room.

  17. At least there's discussion of whether or not Brendan will wear his ear-ring again.

    I know you girls might have a better vantage point for disecting Julia's clothing but - and leaving out Al Grasby - why is it only women who're upbraided for their clothing choices (leaving aside, for the moment, the all important choice of tie colour for men)?

    That's not to say I necessarily agree with her choices.

    Tell me, honestly, if she swanned up to the GG's residence to be sworn in all frocked or skirted up, how long would it take for the first journo's fingers to start typing up a story about her largely "inappropriate atire" for a minister of the Crown?

    You know, the normal crap about looking "business like" etc?

  18. OMG - I sooooo, sooooo, soooo, want the earing to make a come back!!!

  19. I can assure you I wear dresses to work, and they are feminine, yet business like.

    Suits on women are very often not at all flattering, and rather than looking "business like", they give the distinct air of trying to fit in as one of the boys.

    Howard and his tracksuits were scary stuff, no doubt about it.

    Most men "in the street" dress appallingly, but so are their waistlines and general grooming.

    For men in business or politics, in fact, ANY MAN IN THE WORLD: all you have to do is throw them under a shower, give them a neat haircut (does not have to be stylish), make sure they shave, provide a half decent suit, a white shirt, and ordinary tie, and they suddenly look a million bucks.

    It's hard to pick on a man with a suit, white shirt, and tie.

    For women, too many things can, and do, go wrong.

    Many women in politics wear dresses. They're not all pant-suited.

    Think Condi in her neat - and tight fitting - skirts and jackets, hey? Feminine and business like! I'm not sure if she ever wears trousers? Not that they wouldn't suit her.

  20. Would anyone accuse Condi of not being sufficiently business like if she rocked up to Israel in a skirt or dress, which, heck, I think she has, and does!

  21. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    My predictive powers are for naught!

    Given what Nelson was saying on the 7.30 Report, it would seem that even his dog wouldn't think it makes any sense for him to be Liberal leader.

    (Oh, I must add a badly drawn cartoon at my blog.)

    Has the madness of the Queensland Liberals spread throughout the party?

    Oh well, at least the next couple of years will be bizarrely entertaining, in a sad and tragic way.

  22. Not so Steve, not so at all.

    You picked Julie as deputy before ANYONE else!

    See, predictive powers are still 50% good!

    Will have to seek out your cartoon tonight, when I have time.

    (Good thing Nelson's dog didn't get to vote, or his cat and budgie? Alas, did not see the 7.30 Report. Will be interesting to see how Nelson handles the role. Hell, anyone would be interesting to observe after all those years of Howard. Novelty has its own attraction.)