November 26, 2007

Tony, Tony, Tony!

Tony Abbott is putting himself forward for the Liberal party leadership because he believes he has good people skills.

It's your skill-set Tony, you can believe whatever you want to.

[We'll be asking for recent references.]


  1. Never noticed that delete there before. It works!

    The personality plus ticket: 1) Abbott and 2) Nelson. people skills galore there.


    1) Recent outstanding use of people skills in dealing with Bernie banton.

    2) Highly effective people skills in dealing with both Australian soldier deaths and the return of the Kovco body. Treated all involved impeccably.

    Could be worse, we could have Alex standing.

  2. Yes, the bin does work Bertie.

    As a kindly host, I even come along behind to clean up the remnants too, as is my wont, rather than leaving "This post has been removed by the author." notes cluttering up the place.

    Others will need never know ...

  3. You're too good Caz.

    Vale Mark Vaile. Then again, maybe not.

    Apparently his wife had to remind him why he called the press conference. His speech, otherwise, was likely to be "I don't recall".

    The real fun will be later this week in the Nats "party" room:

    Lonely voice from doorway:

    Eeyo! Anyone in here wantin' to be leader or deputy leader?



    I mean, really, who's left? How many does it take to form a "party"?

  4. Given that the Nats have been an anachronism for at least the last couple of decades, the only astonishment is that they still exist.

    Sturdy little buggers, albeit, getting littler each election.

    I haven't had time to find out exactly what happened to the Dems. I gather there are NONE left? Not a single sausage? Even Bartlett lost his seat?

    Only half the Senate was up, no Dems escaped?

  5. Yep. All gone...every last one.

    The Nats are like onion weed: just when you think you've got it all, back it comes. Less numerous but back.

  6. No one is mourning the passing either Father.

    What an ungrateful, forgetful lot we are, hey?

    Poor old Chipp, good thing he's long dead.