November 13, 2007

Rent a womb

There's nothing new about poor women's bodies being exploited for the benefit of rich women and rich men. It probably started way back in the cave dwelling days.

Forget the too-posh-to-push brigade (well, don't forget them per se, just pity their ignorance and vanity), it's the rent a womb crowd that are setting an even more distasteful trend.

Denis Quaid (remember him?) and his mid-thirties third wife have just become proud parents to twins, whose incubation and birth were outsourced to what we euphemistically like to call a "surrogate mother".

In truth, it's a paid-up "surrogate womb".

Whether out of youthful vanity, or the conceit of waiting until middle age to breed (because one has been far too busy becoming rich and vacuous), the rental of the wombs of poor women for the use of the ridiculously rich is tacky and demeaning to all women.

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