November 12, 2007

Pressing political stuff

I suppose someone had to do it.



Correction: I suppose someone believed they had to do it:

101 Uses for John Howard

(To think he could have retired with some dignity left.)

"FORMER Queensland MP Pauline Hanson's hopes of re-entering Parliament at the election have been bolstered after a Senate preference deal between her and the Family First party, a move the Democrats have described as morally bankrupt.

A spokeswoman for Family First told The Age there was no serious indication that Ms Hanson could win a Queensland Senate seat and "on that basis Family First preference decisions were based on keeping the Greens and the Democrats out of Parliament".

Last week, when Rudd of the Rapture was asked how he will keep a lid on inflation he responded with his usual decisiveness and clarity:
"What Australia needs on the whole challenge of the the future and the whole challenge of dealing with inflation in the future is new leadership with fresh ideas to deal with these future challenges."
Glad he cleared that up.

Lot of stuff happening out there in the future and Rudd is all over it. Good for him.


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Morally bankrupt? Just the other day the lead Senate candidate from SA was describing Family First as part of a group of "colourful contenders" (PDF) alongside the Dems and the Greens. What a difference a couple of days make!

    Also on the Dems, their new mantra is that they're "not dead yet" in Australian politics - and they have probably the worst radio ad of this campaign to prove it.

    If you are shooting for Monty Python then you should try not to miss by as far as this.

  2. OK, that does it: I'm going to have to send the Dem's another .80 cents to go into their campaign funds!

    Colourful contenders?

    The morally bankrupt?

    Hey, we have a little bit of every thing Dylan. Gotta keep the punters satisfied.

    Have you sent off your vote yet?

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    " What Australia needs on the whole challenge of the future and the whole challenge of dealing with inflation in the future is new leadership with fresh ideas to deal with these future challenges."

    I certainly agree!

    Trouble is where do we find this new leadership, eh, Me Too?
    You are certainly fresh out of ideas yourself, too busy copying the Coalitions!

    Ahh, the irony...

  4. Me Too has done his fair share of copying Kathy, that's true. Me One, as his "campaign launch" so eloquently shows, needs to renamemed "Me One and a Half". Same policies; we just spend more.

    "Not only will we match the opposition's policy on the education refund, we'll also pay for some of the school fees too!" Just one example.

    Just imagine: a non means tested rebate for all those hard pressed parents in Malcolm's electorate. Why does someone earning salaries delineated in the hundreds of thousands need that?

    Probably in the same way they need first home buyers grants and health insurance rebates.

    Oh for some fiscal continence in this campaign. The Reserve Governor must near tearing at the "levers of the economy".

    There's a slightly ridiculous part of me, almost buried, that's just hoping that the ALP "launch" will feature a statement along the lines of "given the strident warnings of the Reserve Governor with respect to the outlook for inflation, we have decided to forgo some of the tax cuts announced earlier. Instead we intend to earmark those moneys for the health and other infrastructure that the people of this country have been crying out for and deserve".

    It won't happen and I'll go take my medication now.

    Postulant!! A black beer please!

  5. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Caz, the footy threads for the Grand Final are well buried here now but I thought you would enjoy this story of celebrating Cats supporters even if it is posted here.


  6. In fairness Bertie, the me-too plagiarizing opposition are the ones who have, up until now, promised around $6 B more in spending than the Libs, based on their habit of topping and tailing the Lib policies with "just a bit more" - essentially expensive token gesture stuff, the equivalent of a bag of boiled lollies for the middle classes, as I've noted before.

    I imagine they will "match" the new spending announced by Howard today, and then some, if they stick to form. Perhaps they'll surprise us all, just for something completely different in the final countdown.

    (Have not even read the details of the new spending by the Libs.

    Thought their plan to allow home deposit savings to be tax free was a long overdue good idea; should have done it years ago, of course.)

    Funnily enough Dylan I read about that guys tattoo on the way home, but there wasn't any picture, just the sorry facts.

    What sort of true blue Ozzie AFL supporter gets his footy tat done overseas, 'ey?

    I mean, really, I'd like to feel sorry for the guy, but I feel even less sympathy now that I've seen the tat - ugh! - not even a good job, very wonky, no definition, color is wrong too.

    Dear, dear me. That'll teach him.

    It'll cost him a fortune to have it removed, which is what I'd be doing with it, and it's a great deal more painful to have a tat removed than to have it done in the first place.

  7. "The rebate of up to $800 for secondary students and $400 for primary school children, including those in their preschool year, would be available to all parents regardless of their income."

    How is this worse than the rort offered by the ALP, for up to $750 per year for a computer and / or home Internet connection, for (wink, wink) "educational" purposes?

  8. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The $800 is in the form of a 40% rebate, isn't it? Is Rudd's the same for the laptop or is that just a gift?

    Not having kids or being likely to educate them in Oz when we do means I haven't been keeping a track on such things.

    Of the two, though, surely one that allows for non-computer educational expenses is superior, isn't it?

  9. Rudd's is also a rebate, and, therefore, regressive, as is the Lib bid.

    Rudd's offer, oddly enough, can't be claimed for another two years. No idea the logic behind that one, but most of their policies have been promised on the never-never plan (over the term of several elections).

    Allowing households with children to claim for Internet connection is a crock Dylan. What an expensive joke that is.

  10. It is, seemingly, linked to Family Tax Benefit Part A. To get the "rebate" (Rudd's) one needs to be eligible for that benefit.

    Howard was claiming it would cut out some "35% of families".

    Presumably they are those who do not find themselves eligible for JWH's Family Tax Benefit A already.

    And that would be because they earn.....??

  11. Sorry, I'm attempting to keep up my image here: relentlessly partisan.

    If I don't, who will??!!

  12. I think both parties are deplorable Bertie.

    I'd have to look up the family benefits.

    One part cuts out at quite a high rate - might be part A - while the other part cuts out at low levels, thus depriving women and single parents of much needed support if they attempt to enter / re-enter the workforce so as to better provide for their children and themselves. (The effective tax margin is insulting.)

  13. "If I don't, who will??!!"

    Err, well, roughly 70% of the rest of the adult population, it would seem.


  14. I think you're right: part A does cut out somewhat high. As one yet to submitt an '06 return, I can't recall.

    If so, how does that miss "35% of families"? Sophistry I s'pose.

    We need a pollie with the guts to declare that the budget largesse goes somewhere other than directly (or via the hand) to our pockets.

    The Reserve is saying so in no uncertain terms. Yet we have a PM declaring that what it says is irrelevant because the budget will still be in surplus. The holy surrrppplusss. Bow and scrape at the altar.

    The penny might not have sunk with either side of politics but that amounts only to a squeaky fart attempting to keep a leaky hot air balloon aloft in the scheme of economic reality.

    They think we're all arseholes with benign colonic polyps for brains.

  15. Interesting the ALP launch spent only $2.3b as compared to the "fling a billion" addict JWH. In the scheme of the election (65b verus 56b) 9.5 to 2.3 ain't that huge I suppose.

    It has had the effect of making Howard look like the classic end of finacial year departmental boffin spending the remainder of his budget before time runs out.

    Worse, his campaign is laid bare: spend and scare in competing measures. If we don't frighten votes our way, we'll buy 'em.

    The references to the Reserve Bank in the launch were interesting. Mark it down: not too far into next year will come the announcement that following briefings from treasury and the Reserve, the tax cut programme will be revisited. Perhaps some of this should be directed to infrastructure etc....

  16. Rudd failed to include all of his funding promises in his $2.3B.

    'Though weeks ago the shadow finance minister was already slashing the budgets for all of the promises, but, alas, they haven't released any revised details.

    Leave the voters in the dark.