November 15, 2007

Long, long winded

1) Dr. Fidel Castro

Title: 'The denouncement of imperialism and colonialism'
Length: 4 hours 29 minutes

2) John Trevor Walker

Title: TBA
Length: 26 hours

3) Jacob Solomon

Title: TBA
Length: 26 hours 9 minutes

4) Masanam Venu

Title: Fundamentals of chemistry
Length: 51 hours 30 minutes

5) Dustin Buehler

Title: The history and evolution of the American presidency
Length: 51 hours 44 minutes

6) Maturu Phalguna Rao Gupta

Title: The fundamentals of computers
Length: 60 hours

7) Errol E T Muzawazi

Title: Democracy
Length: 62 hours 30 minutes

8) Narayanam Siva Sankar

Title: Fundamentals of Hindi grammar
Length: 72 hours 9 minutes

9) Errol E T Muzawazi

Title: Democracy
Length: 88 hours 4 seconds

10) Professor Annaiah Ramesh

Title:Molecular Logic of Life
Length: 98 hours

11) Errol E. T Muzawazi

Title:(i) Democracy; (ii) Desirability and Inevitability of African Federalism (iii) The young people: not the future but the present
Length: 102 hours

12) Jayasimba Ravirala

Title:Personality Development Concepts
Length: 120 hours

The longest lecture ...


  1. Notice how Errol E T Muzawazi won't stop talking about democracy?

    Notice how Errol E T Muzawazi keeps upping the ante?

    Notice how Errol E T Muzawazi seems to have an abiding desire to make it into the Guinness Book of Records?

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Are they allowed time off to toilet, and if so do they keep on talking?

    Bloody hell! there's a word verification thingo about 27 hours long.

  3. Errol is cheating a bit on number 11)

    That's three topics!

    However, I can understand how some of them went on so long, given their topics - e.g., 'Molecular Logic of Life' would have to be a barnburner of a topic.

    But I don't understand how Dr Castro only spoke for 4'30" denouncing imperialism and colonialism. Sure, he's getting on, indeed is about to drop dead any second, but to truncate a topic he owns is just very slack indeed.

  4. Castro's speech was given 47 years ago.

    He has been relatively silent since.


  5. Anonymous9:51 PM

    So what my ex wife taked absolute crap for fifteeen years straight.

    Thes guys are yet to meet the master ..mistress.

  6. I'll always regret missing 72 hours and 9 minutes on the Fundamentals of Hindi grammar.

    But hey, what can you do?

    I was probably doing something less important, like giving birth.

    (Ah, no, couldn't have been that: labor took around 92 hours. Maybe I was having a perm.)

  7. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh hehe heh.....

  8. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I'm incognito tonight Caz!
    If it's good enough for JO
    It's good enough for KO
    KF just doesn't sound right.
    It don't rhyme man!

  9. JO.


    Only one letter removed from BO.

    Have either of your lovelies considered that?

  10. Anonymous10:06 PM

    What about FK and OJ..OK?


  11. Anonymous10:12 PM

    What about FU and PO??

  12. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Candy is dandy.
    But liquor is quicker!

  13. Now that you mention it:



    Seem like fine, fine, pseudonyms to me.

  14. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Naaaaaaa... Think I'll stick with plain old Kath, Caz.
    F*** Me, it's certainly much simpler.
    I'll PO now, Ok?

  15. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Dandy and Candy went up the hill;
    each had a dollar and a quarter.
    Candy came down with two and a half;
    Think they went up for water?

  16. If I listened to every one of these lectures beginning to end, wouldn't that be Guinness-worthy in itself?

  17. Yes, yes it would.

    You appear to be aiming for a hypothetical mention in the Guinness Book of Records.

    The "if" qualifier gave you away.

  18. I can't speak for the others, but
    that's a short speech for the garrulous gasbag from Havana.

  19. Anonymous5:01 PM

    (12) Jayasimba Ravirala
    Title:Personality Development Concepts
    Length: 120 hours (The longest lecture ...)

    120 hours seems a little short. Maybe Jayasimba left some important details out? One would hope that a speaker on such an important topic as 'Personality Development' would display much more exactitude and thoroughness...

  20. Cube - yes, I would have sworn that Castro has given much longer speeches than his one and only mention in this list.

    Tim - it does beg the question of whether the speaker has, himself, a less than fulsomely developed personality. It would explain the brevity of his presentation.