November 25, 2007

Hostile rapture

Based on the unbridled schadenfreude squealing last night as every Liberal seat fell, the Rudd Rapture has overwhelmingly left the public of Australia thrilled down to their undies.

The senate, on the other hand, will be hostile for the first eight months, thus ensuring that most of Rudd's early goals will fail.

The senate, come 01 July 2008 is likely to be just as hostile for the ALP.

Forget the platitudes from all-comers, and forget the blunderbuss political commentators, the Greens and Family First - mostly the Greens - will, in effect, be "hostile", mostly because they have such a disgustingly destructive and pointless track record in the senate. Anyone who thinks that will change is simply not thinking at all. Don't listen to the rhetoric - and there will be plenty of it, from all sides - the Greens will be a force for evil. The elfish Rudd has no idea what he's in for.

Senate stuff ...


  1. Based on the unbridled schadenfreude squealing last night as every Liberal seat fell...

    I think you may find that was orchestrated rubbish by a network that "favoured frivolity and giggles over sober analysiss" - to paraphrase an annoyed Kerry O'Brien.

    Turns out it was the air heads on Seven led by Koshie.

  2. That explains it.

    Didn't watch a minute of the channel 7 coverage (bletch!), yet their gig still managed to contaminate the other channels.

  3. I imagine it was just as bad for Nine. O'Brien, Green, Gillard and Minchin worked manfully in overcoming the palpable nonsense.

    I didn't ever switch: Green is the only analusiss one needs as his cutting accross of Minchin showed - "that's a seat I've given to the ALP regardless...". Not to mention his near heroic efforts to give Howard's seat away in the face of fierce postal vote cross-fire.

    The racket caused by Kotch's gang simply serves to indicate that Nine's Footy Show - cross dressing, toilet jokes and all - has moved to mornings on Seven.

    What a collection of lightweight clowns.

  4. Tell you, I should spell check these things: analusiss???

    Never knew usisses became anal about anything.