November 25, 2007

A good man lost

Political columnist, Matt Price, died today, two short months after being diagnosed with brain tumours.

Reported here ...


  1. Yes, a terrible bloody thing. I saw it on the ABC news tonight.

    He was, as I've written here before, an excellent writer with a good command of the language (unlike several that might be named) and a witty turn of phrase.

    His Insiders appearances, where he most often simply smiled or outright laughed at the pompous and overbearing Ackerman, were a Sunday morning joy.

    Forty-five and a family. What would one say to the family?

    I will miss his incisive wit.

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Hear hear Mike!

    Matt Price was a breath of fresh air in the smoke filled arena of journalism.

    I have missed his witty repartee, during the election campaign.

    I too , will miss his incisive wit.

    However, I'm sure Matt will be up there barracking for his favourite footy team....


    RIP Matt..

  3. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Yeah, what a shock. I mean, I knew he was ill, but where there's a will there's hope. Too young, too talented, too decent...

  4. It's a pity this thread has sorta fallen off the to speak. It's the way of these threads I s'pose. Death, maudlin...

    I have no idea why but Matt Price's death has sort of resonated. Like Annabel Crabb in the SMH observes, I'm one of those who would write "I didn't know matt, only read him...”. I'd add, also, watch him mercilessly tear strips of the egregiously pompous Piers Ackerman on Insiders. Piers was always such an easy target but Price’s parries and observations were always so understated and …wry. Delivered with that “larrikin” grin, Piers was constantly spotlighted for what he was. Insiders was always worth watching when Price (or Trioli) was on.

    No, I didn’t know him. I only read and watched him. He wrote extremely well. As a part of that press gallery he stood out with both the erudition of his pieces and the originality of his wit.

    I wrote once before that I thought Annabel Crabb might have been his female counterpart. She’d likely disagree strenuously with that assessment. Her “send off” in today’s SMH is heart-felt and succinct – as is Alan Ramsay’s.

    I can only say that I hugely missed Matt Price’s mug on the “opinion banner” at top right of the Oz’s web page throughout the campaign. And that, without a doubt, I will miss his writing full stop.

    Not half as much as his family will miss him though. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, fair about life.